Cheesy Gold

Mr. Miles and I have been loading up on cheesy movies over the holiday season. Mostly classic Hallmark fare, and admittedly for the sole purpose of laughing at them. However, we managed to stumble upon a piece of cheesy gold in the form of Big Ass Spider. I’m not usually a huge sci-fi nerd, but […]

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I Remember

Each Remembrance Day, I think of 3 things (usually in this order): 1. Mr. Miles. It’s easy to take memorial-type holidays for granted when you have no personal stake in it. Several years ago, I had a very personal stake in the welfare of deployed troops. What would have normally been one of the happiest […]

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I don’t want to be so bold as to assume that I’m the only one who has thought about this connection, but I will say I find it ironic that in the US, where church and government are separated (theoretically anyway), church and government are actually dealing with similar flaws at the moment. Pope Francis […]

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But There Are Expectations…

In the last several months, I’ve noticed a rash of articles about twentysomethings. If I were to try to summarize them all into one tidy sentiment, it would be, “There’s no cause for panic if you don’t have life all figured out in your twenties; there is no schedule.” There’s only one problem with this […]

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Interesting Take on the Batman Debacle

Touche, naysayers… 5 Reasons Ben Affleck Will Make a Great Batman – Advertisements

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Hooray for Rooibos!

I recently re-stocked up on some rooibos tea I had been trying: tiramasu, vanilla cream, and “magic.” All very tasty. The only problem was, the tea leaves kept going through my infuser and ending up in the bottom of my cup. Even if your tea is otherwise enjoyable, choking on the last swig never is… […]

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On Dreams

If I were being honest with both you and myself, I would have to admit that random eureka moments are rare for me. So, I was surprised when one kind of smacked me in the head today at work. Since my birthday several months ago, I have been conscious of getting older, but in the […]

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