College Dreams

A few months ago, an old friend of mine attempted to take me to task over my old college dreams. The statement went something along the lines of, “Back X years ago, you had dreams and plans, and I don’t see that in you now.” Well, around 10 years ago, I was in college. During […]

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Love and Loss

The last couple of months have been…interesting, I suppose (depending on one’s definition of interesting). I finally changed from my maiden name on all my documentation for the other side of the border. On New Year’s Eve, my best friend and I got into a big fight over e-mail (which I’m not sure we’ve moved […]

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But There Are Expectations…

In the last several months, I’ve noticed a rash of articles about twentysomethings. If I were to try to summarize them all into one tidy sentiment, it would be, “There’s no cause for panic if you don’t have life all figured out in your twenties; there is no schedule.” There’s only one problem with this […]

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I Am Not a Delicate Flower (or, Why I Screen Certain Calls)

A friend shared a quote with me not too long ago, and I found it quite accurate. I don’t have the source, but the quote goes something like this: “The church tends to treat female believers like women first, and Christians, a far distant second.” I think that quote best encapsulates why I have a […]

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Like cold water…

Like cold water to a weary soul is good news . . . -Prov. 25:25 NIV Hello world. I have big news: I have actually had a good week this week.  I realize that sounds kind of lame, so I’ll explain as much as I can without going into specifics. First, Mr. Miles and I […]

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So, I’m That Guy….Except Female.

With Posterous shutting down next month, I figured it was time I high-tailed it somewhere a little more stable. I was torn between Tumblr and WordPress, but ultimately decided that since I’m writing to a general audience and not a teenage one, I should come here. There are still a lot of bells and whistles […]

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A year from now we’ll all be gone All our friends will move away And they’re goin’ to better places But our friends will be gone away Nothin’ is as it has been And I miss your face like hell And I guess it’s just as well But I miss your face like …

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