Beyond the Mason-Dixon Line

I realize that I haven’t posted anything in a long time, so readers should know it would take something pressing for me to come out of my proverbial hole after so long. That is the case. I feel there are some things about this whole Confederate flag controversy that need to be said; I may […]

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Thoughts on "The Giglio Controversy"

Earlier this week, the story broke that Louie Giglio, a well-known pastor/speaker in the Evangelical realm who was originally going to pray at the 2013 inauguration, was not going to be doing that anymore. From what I understand, certain groups we…

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Why I’m Politically Apathetic

I admit it; I’m sort of an anomally with politics. On one hand, I will admit that I have watched almost every Republican debate since they started. Honestly though, it wouldn’t matter if it were Republican or Democrat. I will also admit that I lik…

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My 9/11 Story

I never really thought that I would witness something globally historical in my lifetime. Granted, I suppose it’s not really something that’s in your thoughts at age 17, either. In 1940s Hawaii, none of the teenagers there probably ever thought th…

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