Love and Loss

The last couple of months have been…interesting, I suppose (depending on one’s definition of interesting).

I finally changed from my maiden name on all my documentation for the other side of the border.

On New Year’s Eve, my best friend and I got into a big fight over e-mail (which I’m not sure we’ve moved on from).

Then it was my birthday; I am not only another year older, but also in a brand new decade.

A job offer I had been considering fell through. 

And I am now starting on another step of immigration paperwork for this side of the border.

So far, I can’t say 2014 is my favourite year; the proverbial “bag” isn’t quite as mixed as I would’ve liked. But technically, I’m not even a full month in, so it’s probably too early to judge. Somewhere in the middle of all the kerfuffle, though, I did manage to make a list. I got the idea from my hubby. He made one several years ago. It’s not exactly a New Year’s Resolution list. It’s more of a “things I’m hoping for/things I’d like to do if the opportunity arises” list. There’s no deadline on it. It’s just a list to keep in mind as you’re going about your life.

Here are a few things on mine:

  • Go to a comedy club
  • See a band I really like in concert
  • Travel more/go on more outings
  • Attend a TEDx event
  • Do more volunteering

If you like the idea of having New Year’s aspirations but don’t like the idea of those aspirations turning into sinister guilt-mongers later, I would highly recommend this method.




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