Why I’m Politically Apathetic


I admit it; I’m sort of an anomally with politics. On one hand, I will admit that I have watched almost every Republican debate since they started. Honestly though, it wouldn’t matter if it were Republican or Democrat. I will also admit that I like to go on MSN, look at the most “loaded” stories (which are usually political), and just read all the comments. I find a sort of sick and twisted amusement in reading comments of total strangers who are supposedly adults, yet who resort to calling others names and belittling their intelligence, while wholeheartedly (blindly perhaps?) towing their own party’s line.

On one such day when I was scrolling through the comments, I read one of the truest statements on politics that I’ve ever come across. It struck me enough that I actually saved it. I wish I knew the guy’s name to give him full credit for it, but all I know is that the screen name was Old Paul. Be warned, the imagery is a little grotesque (much like politics, oddly enough): “Politics is a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. It is the conduct of public affairs for private advantage. It is a masturbation of monstrous, self-aggrandizing egos.”

I must say I wholeheartedly agree. I would say that money and power have gotten to both parties, making them a shadow of what they could’ve been. It’s sad to say, but I don’t think the answer to America’s problems lies in either political party. It’s going to lie within people deciding that money and power aren’t more important than coming together to help the common person. I do still hold the “old fogie” persona that you shouldn’t complain about how the country is going if you didn’t vote. Which is why I don’t complain about how things are going. Only politics in general. That’s why I’m apathetic.

But still, watching everyone else get their collective panties in a wad never ceases to horrify, amaze, and entertain me. Which is why I will probably continue to watch.


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