BB Creams: The Quest Continues…

And now, an admittedly shallow post.

I’ve seen articles on various beauty websites about BB creams. The story goes, they started in Germany to help patients recovering from facial surgeries. Korean actresses started using them, word got out, and they became a big deal in Korea. Now, they are slowly but surely making their way here.

The part that intrigued me, however, was the all-in-one nature of BB creams. Depending on the cream, BB creams more or less can cover all your bases: blemish coverage, antiaging, moisturizing, oil control, skin whitening, sun protection, and either makeup primer or foundation, depending.

I admit that I have not been as kind to my face as I should be. I know at this stage of my life I should start looking for more antiaging stuff, and be putting face lotion/sunscreen on, etc. But for goodness’ sake, I’m sneaking up on 30 and still dealing with acne issues (and currently dermatitis to boot). The short-term annoyances tend to be a distraction from the long-term consequences.

One downside to BB creams is that they usually only come in a few shades. They are supposed to match your skin tone within about 15 minutes of application. There are some brands that have creams for darker complexions, but for the most part, the world of BB cream seems to favor the pasty.

The other downside is that while BB creams are becoming more popular here, it’s not exactly something you can buy at your local Wal-Mart. Sephora US has just brought on about 4 BB Creams to the US market. Sephora Canada only has one. If you have a local Korean market (or maybe even just an Asian market, though I haven’t had a chance to check the one here yet), you may find some. Outside of that, though, you’re pretty much looking at an online purchase. And though samples can be found, more often than not, it’s going to be a full-sized product. Meaning, if it doesn’t work for you, you’re kind of stuck with it.

With all this in mind, I have been trying to research what BB creams would work best for me, based on reviews and descriptions. I am very reluctant to drop a bunch of money on a bunch of full-sized products that don’t even do what I’m looking for. First, though, I thought I would give the one at Sephora Canada a shot.


From what I read, it seemed like people either really liked or really hated the Boscia BB Cream. I figured I’d try a sample and see. Why buy online if someone has a perfectly suitable local one?

Unfortunately, this one didn’t do it for me. Granted, I had to learn how to apply BB cream. At first I tried to just put the cream straight on my face, and quickly realized that was a bad idea. My face is combo/oily. Usually, the later in the day, the oilier it is. However, BB cream is not something you slather on dry skin. You’re supposed to only do a few dots, pat them in/rub it in, and then go back over trouble spots (or your whole face if you prefer). After my initial application, I grabbed some moisturizer, which helped, so I went over it again. The color was a bit too dark for me. I am pretty pasty (usually either the lightest or second lightest foundation shade available). However, it wasn’t so dark that the difference was really noticeable, so I stuck with it. Coverage wasn’t bad. It didn’t completely cover my bony undereye circles, but pretty much nothing outside of my super strong concealer can. It did a good job covering my dermatitis, but post acne marks were still noticeable (I figured they would be). I definitely wouldn’t have argued with more coverage. The place where Boscia pretty much tanked for me was oil control. By the end of the work day, I was an oil slick. Not attractive.

So, the quest for a good BB cream continues. Those in the know say shop by what you’re looking for, not color, etc.

Ideally, I am looking for:

  • Fuller coverage
  • Acne/post acne mark healing/lightening
  • Antiaging
  • Sunscreen
  • Oil control
  • Pore minimizing would be a bonus

Based on my research so far, any of these sound like they might do this:

  • BRTC Blemish Recover Balm
  • Skin79 Perfection Super Plus
  • Dr. Jart’s Silver Label (oily skin)
  • Innisfree Eco Natural Cover
  • Missha M Vita Matte (recommended to me by a website)
  •  Skinfood Peach Sake
  • Dr. Jart’s Platinum Label (???)

One site that has been particularly helpful in all this is BB Cream Queen. However, I still need help. If anybody has similar issues to me (oily/slightly aging skin, large pores on nose, pale complexion, acne/post acne marks/other skin issues) and experience with these creams, advice is appreciated. Even if you have samples to get rid of, that would be awesome. Thanks!


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