Hello World

For those who followed me from Xanga, it seems silly to re-introduce myself. As a side note, I have searched high and low for some way to copy my Xanga here, as I found out the hard way that Posterous isn’t doing that currently. No luck so far, but I figure I may as well jump in here and write something anyway. If anybody has had luck porting over from Xanga and would like to share, I’d be up for advice.

I moved over here simply because it was time for a change. Xanga was all right for my college/post-college days, but times are changing and so am I. There are many “commencements” in life, and I feel that commencing to a more “adult” blog is an appropriate move for me right now. This leads me to the new blog name. Those that know my story know that I transplanted from the southeast US to western Canada. The distance of that journey was approximately 2,251 miles. Quite a long way, which I am also using as a metaphor for my life. The farther you travel, the more different things look. I know I still have quite a journey ahead of me, and I know there are still a lot of milestones to cross. I hope to keep traveling and eventually cross them all. Thus, the blog title. It represents the journey I’ve taken so far and the one that is still ahead of me.

  I’ve had quite a few life changes happen since I last posted. I got a new job, and last month, I also got my Canadian permanent residency. It’s a good feeling to know I finally have a permanent home here, and I don’t really have to worry about being separated from my husband. I am proud to be (pardon the expression) “Canamerican.” That’s all for now in the way of introductions (or re-introductions, as the case may be). Thank you for reading, and I look forward to the Posterous leg of this blogging journey.


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