For the record, I should mention that as of tomorrow, I will have been a married woman for a whole month. Woot. Unfortunately, during that time, I have only spent a few weeks actually with my new husband. Still, I can’t complain too much. Any time with him is precious at this stage of the game–before long, he’ll be too far away to spend any time with (at least for awhile).

I’m kind of in an awkward life spot at the moment. Fortunately, I at least have a job now. Still, though, I’ve been feeling pretty isolated. Either I lived in a cocoon of Christian influence for so long that the first breeze of anything else has been overwhelming, or if I’m simply letting the isolation get to me. I haven’t been involved in my new church long enough to find a “group” there yet. My new husband isn’t here. My coworkers are cool (I’ve hung out with them a couple times), but I can’t really get the special believer kind of support I need from them. Basically, my network is still back where I was living before. So it is an awkward time of life for me. I have hope that things will get better. It’s just kind of a bummer right now.


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