An Engagement Story

This story actually happened May 14:

As a pretext, my guy had told me that we would get engaged on this trip, pending another discussion with his parents. He had met my parents recently, and they gave him permission for us to get engaged. During that trip, we also discussed the possibility of getting legally married in July and then having a ceremony with family and friends after he is back from his overseas trip. My parents agreed to this. He had been discussing this same possibility with his parents, too. At first, they were resistant. Then, they relaxed and agreed. Then, after a bit of time, they were unsure about the idea again. He wanted to get a final confirmation from them before I came, and depending on how that went, we would either get engaged over this trip or not.

He talked with them the day before I arrived, and they gave him the go ahead. He did not mention the conversation.

I had flown in to visit my boyfriend while he was on leave. I got in, and we went to lunch. He told me his mom had a doctor’s appointment; I asked him how it went and he said okay. What I did not know is that after the appointment, his mom had helped him finalize the ring he wanted to purchase and get it.

I arrived, and we went to lunch. He asked me to remind him to go by the Sony store to get some stuff. On the way there, we talked about the possibility of me getting some shorts at the mall, too. He offered to put 20 bucks toward them–an offer that’s tough to refuse, even for someone who doesn’t wear shorts much. He stayed with me awhile as I shopped, and then I lost him. We reconnected a bit later, where he showed me a book he had bought that had maps of back roads of the area. He showed me that it had plenty of info about fishing spots (his favorite), so I didn’t think much of it. Later I learned that the mall trip was actually to get the book and also to pick up my ring.

After the mall, we swung by his parents’ to drop off my suitcases, and Sam wanted to go fishing. This is not out of the ordinary. If he has a spare day, Sam will cross land and sea to get to go fishing. So, when he proposed the idea of driving about an hour to go fishing, on top of my trip in and the lunch and the trip to the mall, I didn’t bat an eye. We drove out; he fished for about an hour. He later told me that though he was going through the motions of fishing, his mind wasn’t there because it was actually a ploy to get me closer to where he wanted to propose. After fishing, he kept driving, and I thought maybe he was going to check out another spot. He was consulting the map book he had bought. I heard him mutter something about “There it is.” He turned off a road, and we kept driving.

Before long, it was getting late. About 10:00, to be exact, the sun had set, and we were still driving. Admittedly, I was starting to get annoyed. When I got a text from my phone company welcoming me to the U.S. and informing me that I was now roaming, I was really starting to get irritated. My thoughts were something along the lines of, “It’s 10:00 at night! There’s not even any daylight! How’s he going to fish? And why are we driving all the way to the States just for a fishing hole? This had better be one stinkin’ good fishing hole…” Along the way, he gave me 3 glow sticks and told me to break them. It was a distraction so he could attend to…personal affairs. We continued driving. It was a back road, with nothing around for at least 20 miles any direction. The ground was muddy, and the driving was messy. The mud was spraying the car so heavily it sounded like a giant “rain stick” (those cardboard tubes with metal ends, and rice in the tube). Chunks of mud as big as my fist were flying by the windows. We finally pulled over. He emptied out the glow sticks on the grass in 3 lines. I wasn’t sure what was going on. As he emptied the glow sticks out, I had the thought, “Oh crap, is he proposing?” He emptied the 3 sticks in 3 parallel lines, and it threw me off. Then, he asked if I had my GPS. I did, and I handed it to him. At this point, proposal thoughts left my mind. I figured, “Okay, we just got lost trying to get to the fishing hole.” Boy, was I wrong.

Sam informed me that he had driven me to the U.S./Canada border. He positioned me facing the U.S., and himself facing Canada. He got down on one knee, and after fumbling through a speech about how he’s not good with speeches, he asked me to marry him. I quoted The Cosby Show bit: “I have a hangnail here; do you ever get these?” He didn’t get the joke. Then, after keeping him in the heat for a few seconds, I said, “Of course I will!” The sky was clear and filled with stars; it was great. Sam told me that his parents had approved, though he said I didn’t need to know the specifics of the conversation.

So, for my interested friends and for my own future reference, that’s the story of how I got engaged. Ring photos to come.


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