Life Goes On…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on here, and this has been a pretty big weekend for me, so it seems worth noting.

My folks came up to Canada for the first time ever this past Friday. They were exhausted, but they seem to be enjoying their time here so far (they leave this week). We had a dessert event that night where the seminary graduates got to give speeches. Ironically, I think my speech was the most remembered. I compared professors’ testing methods to various military artillery. The crowd there was roaring with laughter at the analogies. I also happened to mention that my first impression of one of my professors was that of, “Another dime-a-dozen, well-intentioned but terribly out of touch” older Texan gentleman. And he does look that way–the sort of kindly gentleman who would call you “darlin’,” pat you on the head, and send you off to the kitchen to make sandwiches at the church function. I went on to say that within the first week of class with him, I was gladly proven wrong. Well, it so happens that several board members were there, who made a point to come up to me after and jokingly introduce themselves as “out of touch Texans.” The graduate speaker was among them. Oops.

Then, to my surprise, when we came to the actual graduation service the next day, the speaker mentioned me by name and referred to my “Texan gentleman” comment again in his speech! Big oops. Oh well. At least I was memorable, haha. He seemed to be doing it in the best possible spirit, so I don’t think I offended him. The ceremony went well. We graduated, attended a reception, and ate dinner just in time for me to get back for some friends’ wedding. Then I had to go back to my parents’ room to get grad gifts.

Yesterday, we drove 3-4 hours each way so my parents could finally meet my boyfriend in person. Admittedly, I was nervous. I’ve never had a boyfriend for parents to meet, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It went pretty well, though. They seemed to get along just fine. Who knows, I may even have some bigger news to report soon. . . Stay tuned!

I also found out this past week that an old friend of mine now has a book deal. It’s been really hard to not be jealous (and even a bit bitter) about it. Not because I hate the guy–just because writing a book one day is pretty much my dream. And it doesn’t help that this guy is a few years younger than even me. However, I have to keep reminding myself that even with all my college training and now a seminary degree under my belt, the experience from start to finish has been a humbling one. I came into seminary expecting to be somebody. I came out realizing that I am incapable of making something significant of myself; God has to determine if, when, and how that happens. Over this experience, I have learned that I’m not as great as I thought I was, and that led me to the conclusion that maybe I don’t have any business seeking out “spiritual guruship.” If I ever do get the opportunity to write a book, I may even write under a pseudonym and keep my connections anonymous. Who knows. I also have to remind myself that again, even with all the training, even if someone came along tomorrow and offered me a million dollars to write a book, I’m not sure what I would write about. I don’t really feel like I’m enough of an authority on anything to guide others in how to master something. All I know at the moment is my life, and I’m not exactly a person of interest to many people. I know these things; still, it’s a little hard to hear about someone else being granted the opportunity you’ve been more or less wanting since birth. If my friend reads this, no hard feelings!

For the faithful few who read my blog here, if you’re curious as to what’s next, the most immediate thing would be a job here. Everyone keeps asking me: what are you looking for? Really, at this point, I don’t think I’m worth enough (vs. say, an engineer) to be picky. I have tons of school experience and little work experience, so I have a feeling I’ll be begging more than “looking.” I’ve been browsing at pretty much anything I think I am qualified for, and lots of entry-level positions. I could do retail or something if I had to, but I want to try (at least at first) looking for something that would pay for my rent and my loan payments (and of course food and such). In dollars, that means I’ll need to be making at the very least $1400 or so a month. That’s a tall order for a fresh graduate, so if you guys would like to be praying about that, I would appreciate any prayer I get, and I will do my best to keep you updated on what happens.

When the photos from this weekend come, I’ll try to post a few.


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