It’s Always the Crazy Times…

   Wow, I haven’t written on here in forever. But so much has been going on, it’s been difficult to “come up for air,” so to speak.

This has been a really stressful time of the semester and of life in general; I’ve heard of the new phenomenon of quarter-life crises, and I’m starting to see how it’s possible. However, I talked to a guy who graduated from the seminary a few years ago and he said his last year here was pretty crappy, too, and that it happens to everybody. He views it as an added preparation for ministry…

Stress breeds distraction, as one of my friends told me. Here are some items that I’ve been distracting myself with lately…


Can I afford these things right now? No. Do I even need them all? No. The only thing I could somewhat justify is a new car, but that’s not feasible at the moment. Add to this apartment browsing, job browsing, watching movies, and other such distractions and you have my state of mind the past few months, haha. No ability to buy yet, but lots of browsing.

Hopefully I can focus enough to finish well.


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