Temptation and Chocolate


About a year ago, I went with my boyfriend to his hometown. They have a candy store there that sells candy from all over the world, and it’s a fairly popular tourist spot, so of course he took me one night. It was there I discovered what may perhaps be my favorite candy bar: the Yorkie. The bold, yellow-orange lettering flashed up at me defiantly, sneering: Yorkie: It’s Not for Girls. The “O” in Yorkie had even been changed to a no female sign. I was offended.

I was also impressed.

It takes a bold company to make a candy bar that is so exclusive. In fact, as I learned later, the commercials actually depict women dressed as men attempting to buy Yorkies, only to be shut down by someone (of course, someone male) who sniffs them out.

As for that night, though, as soon as I saw that I was not supposed to buy it simply because of my gender, it was settled. I was buying it. I even took a few photos with the candy bar to commemorate the experience. I’m a sucker for milk chocolate, and the Yorkie didn’t disappoint. Now, anytime my boyfriend goes home, I ask him to bring me back a Yorkie.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes just being told that we shouldn’t do something seals the deal that come heck or high water, we will do it? Thinking back, I can’t help but wonder if a faint trace of Eve was surfacing in me when, at the sight of one candy bar, I thought, “They can’t tell me what to do!”

In Genesis 3, a serpent points out to Eve that he knows why God doesn’t want her eating fruit from one tree: if she eats fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, she’ll know good and evil like God. This is new information to her, and suddenly, that tree she had passed by so many times isn’t looking so bad. If it’s good enough for God, why not good enough for her? She gives the fruit a second glance and realizes it doesn’t hurt that the fruit looks pretty good…next thing we know, everybody’s eaten some and the trials and tribulations of life kick in.

And it all started with the idea that Someone is holding out on us.

Does being told what you can and can’t do bother you? Have you ever gotten suckered into something just to prove you could do it?


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