There are 2 albums I’ve been listening to a lot lately: Extraordiary Machine by Fiona Apple and this one, Girls and Boys by Ingrid Michaelson. She has one song on there called “Breakable.” The lyrics, especially at the beginning, hit home in a significant way especially today with my best friend having to rush to the hospital, though the words always caught my attention. It says:

Have you ever thought about
What protects our hearts?
Just a cage of rib bones
And other various parts

So it’s fairly simple
To cut right through the mess
And to stop the muscle
That makes us confess

We are so fragile
And our cracking bones make noise
And we are just
Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys

It’s really ironic that we are so fragile, and yet we try to act so tough and strong. I wonder if that’s at least part of what always gets us into trouble in the first place. I really wonder if maybe part of the reason God made us so fragile is so that we would depend on Him that much more. We’re strong enough to weather many years of life, but we’re not so strong that we couldn’t be done in with a single blow. It’s quite a thought, really.

I’d like to learn to play this song and “We All Fall” by Superchic[k] (which I almost had down at one point) on the piano. But with “Breakable,” the rhythm is a bit complex to easily pick up by ear. I used to have a pretty decent ear to play by, but I don’t know if my ear for notes has degenerated or if my ability to play has declined. Probably a bit of both. Oh, well. Just part of being a frail human being, I suppose…


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