I Also Know This Guy…

Though my knowledge of him has been strictly through correspondence, and not personal meetings. His name is Jim Palmer. I’ve written about his book Divine Nobodies before, I think. Well, he just put out another one called Wide Open Spaces. Like Elaine, Jim is a great person. He writes back to every letter, he’s not afraid to mail you a book for free if you’re broke…he just doesn’t care about how well he’s known or how much money his book is worth. In his eyes, he’s a person just like the rest of us and the most important thing is sharing his journey.

This book is about his journey away from church. As the opening quote of the book indicates, the book is more about asking questions than giving answers. Still, that’s a good thing because Jim makes you think. You can tell he’s pored over his own questions in his personal life, and he’s just inviting you into his discoveries. At no point does he try to cram his thoughts down your throat; he just lays them out for you to see.

All that being said, the book is very thought-provoking, and I would definitely recommend it. It’s quite different from Elaine’s book, haha. And…it’s even different from his previous book. This one is more principle followed by story, rather than story followed by principle. Still, Jim imparts knowledge on the valuable skill of living as a personal church, rather than just going to one.

So, if you have money and are interested in learning to stop and smell the roses, grab Elaine’s book (see below)…and if you’re interested in wrestling through questions about institutional church, grab Jim’s book (see above).


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