I just woke up about an hour ago. Before you start calling me a bum, though, you should know that I was up until about 2:30 this morning taking a psychological analysis with my roommates and a guy we know. (I’m a Loyalist…hopefully today I’ll get the chance to read about my type.)

Before the personality test, though, my roommate Kimmy and I were in Calgary watching a movie. It was kinda pathetic, we didn’t even know what movies were out, haha. But somehow we ended up going to Stranger Than Fiction.

Here’s the story: There’s this guy, Harold Crick, who goes about living a seemingly normal life (a tad OCD, but normal). He wears a watch that he loves, because he’s major on time stuff. One day the watch does something funny, and all of a sudden he hears a narrator describing his life. Only he can hear this. It takes awhile, but he finally discovers that the voice is the voice of a well-known author. She is writing a new book, and he is the main character. She has been writing his story all along. The only downside, though, is that in her previous books, all the main characters die. So, Harold tries to find this woman to plead with her not to kill him. However, once he reads his proposed death, he is so in awe of the mastery behind it, he becomes willing to follow her outline and die as she has planned. I won’t tell the ending; you need to see the movie for yourself if you want to know.

But the movie got me to thinking: how often do we view our lives as a masterpiece written by the Great Author?

Would we view our lives differently if we truly saw them as something written by the hand of God?

Once I actually pieced my thoughts together after the movie, I could even see the mastery in Kimmy and I going to that movie, of all the movies we could’ve seen. At times, I tend to get caught up in my life, which seems so big to me, but in reality is very small. My life is part of something much bigger; it is not a whole in itself. Still, because of what my life is a piece of, it becomes very important. We seriously undermine and discredit the lives God has given us. We think it’s “just life,” but it is so much more.

Psalm 139 says that every day of our lives has been written out in God’s book. He’s the Narrator, reading it out and bringing it to pass. It is our choice to be aware or unaware of Him, but despite our attitude about it, He is there.

Like Harold, we all know we’re going to die, though we don’t have the advantage of knowing how or when. But if we could really love and appreciate the work of the Author, somehow I wonder if we would still be able to see and embrace His skill, even in our impending deaths.

We are characters in the greatest story ever.

That frustration you’re experiencing? Part of the plot.
The time you laughed so hard you cried? Part of the plot.
Your uncertain circumstances? Part of the plot.
Those people you love…or are trying to love? Part of the plot.

It’s all part of the plot. After all, God has to make the story worth reading, right?

For all you know, your life could be one of God’s greatest masterpieces. Why not see it that way…and live it that way?


2 thoughts on “Masterpiece

  1. I agree with kevin. I really like the way that you worded the post and how you were able to apply the movie to real life. 🙂 Though, you know that now I need to watch the movie. sigh.

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