Oh, the Goodness of God . . .

Today God provided $1000 for me through an old friend. It was completely unexpected and completely God. I’m still in shock.

And though the money itself was definitely good–the change it brought about was just as good, if not better. My mom has struggled a lot with me being so far away and whether or not I would be cared for being so far away. And after this, she basically said, “It’s pretty obvious that Canada is where God wants you to be. He’s sure been taking care of you there.” My grandma was even tougher. She was worried about me being far away, but she tended to express that worry more as scolding. She was constantly telling my parents that they didn’t need to let me go. Well, after this, she admitted that she had been wrong and that this was where I was supposed to be.

What can I say other than God is amazing?

To that person, at some point soon you’ll be getting a big thank you letter, haha. And know that you had a part in doing something not strictly financial–you had a part in opening people’s eyes and bringing them to their knees in awe before God.

Thank you.

And thank You.


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