“It is time.” (-Raffiki in The Lion King)

So, yeah. The time for me to leave is fast approaching. I leave for MS Tuesday and Canada Thursday. Pretty crazy. Even crazier to think that this time next week, Bobbie will have left, and it will just be me in my apartment in Canada. I still don’t think the enormity of it has really sunk in. I’m excited, but the same way that I would be on any other trip to Canada. It hasn’t really hit me that I will be living there. I’m sure that part will come soon enough though. I dread the tears and emotion that will certainly come from my parents as I’m leaving, but sooner or later this had to happen. And I’m glad it’s happened this way. Yes, I’m still a little nervous and unprepared feeling. But I know I will be happy there, because the truth is, I have never been as happy in one place as I am when I’m in Canada. It took me 2 trips to realize that, but once you know something, it’s impossible to return to a state of ignorance. I go knowing that Canada is where I need to be and that God has something in store for me there. And despite the facts that creep into my brain every now and then, I have to go on faith that I will be provided for. As the quote I used to have on my Xanga says, “Fear and faith collide every day, but where one exists, the other can’t stay.” God has been providing money through friends, and people in my dad’s church. I have to trust that He’s giving me what I’ll need.

Someone at work told me they’ve always wanted to read a road trip blog. That’s a nice idea, but I’m unplugging the old laptop Monday. If anything too crazy happens, I’ll try to notify you all.  I’ll have wireless Internet at the apartment, so after tomorrow I probably won’t be on my computer again til I’m surfing from Canada.

Before I move on to my last item of business, I attended a wedding today–the first wedding I’ve been to in like 6 years. I didn’t really know the girl getting married or anything, but the poor minister made a slight blunder. He was reading the story of Adam and Eve, and said, “And the Lord said, ‘It is good that man should be alone…'” It was almost unnoticeable, but I definitely noticed. It was all I could do to not burst out laughing in the middle of the wedding. Fortunately I didn’t, cause that probably would’ve ruined the mood, haha.

Finally, as promised, the unveiling of the “Canada Trip Theme.” We may not even listen to this album (though I hope we do). But even though my traveling companion is unaware, haha, the best traveling theme song for this occasion is….”Breathing Air Again” by Robbie Seay Band. I tried to find a way to do just audio, but the best I could do was a slideshow with audio. Almost all of these pictues were taken in Canada, on my 2 summer missions trips there and on my Spring Break trip last March. And I tried to put lyric-matching photos in at the right times.  You’ll probably have to crank up the sound on your computer to hear the song playing. And I pre-apologize for the less amazing pictues at the end, but I only have so many amazing Canada photos…not quite enough to completely fill the time of an entire song, haha. Lyrics are posted below the video:

Take the time to start anew
Maybe it’s in front of you
Take the time to walk down your street
Heaven knows who you might meet
Take the time to be okay
Laugh a bit along the way
You could take me for a ride, we could just drive all day

And we could breathe again
Step outside our front door
And gaze upon the stars
And know we’re not alone
So run into the fields
Scream louder than you can
It’s good to be alive and breathing air again

Take the time to stop and stare
At heaven’s beauty everywhere
Take the time to think about
Someone else besides yourself
Take the time to be okay
And laugh a bit along the way
You could take me for a ride
And we could just drive all day


So, until I find myself in the “Great White North,” see ya!

(Psst…leave me some comments to read when I get there! )


One thought on ““It is time.” (-Raffiki in The Lion King)

  1. I’m excited for ya!  Hope you have a safe trip!  Oh, and I’ve got a question for ya.. If I were gonna send you money, would I have to like go find Canadian money to send, or if I sent you a check would you be able to cash it?  Just wonderin…

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