I don’t have much to say, but I thought I should update.

Next Sat. is my last day of work. More thoughts on that (I promise they’re not bad ones) later.

I’ve noticed on a commercial that there’s now a video for 1-year-old kids. It teaches them letters, numbers, words…and sign language (since, according to the commercial, kids that age “talk with their hands”). When I was little, automated toys were just starting to become big. For the most part, we had Barbies and Legos. That type thing. Somehow I’m sure there were no videos for 1-year-olds teaching us how to communicate in sign language. In talking about seminary, my mom commented to someone the other day about how when she was in school, to finish high school was a big deal. Then a high school diploma meant nothing, and people were looking for a college degree. Now, a college degree is starting to hold less and less weight. People want at least a Master’s. In thinking of all this, I wonder where we will be in 10 or 20 years, when those sign-language-knowing 1-year-olds are running things. We’ve already come so far. How much farther can we go? Will we become too smart for our own good? Will there ever be a line, and if we have the option of drawing a line, will we? Just some ponderings.

On my ticker at the top of this page, my little pair of sunglasses is moving along through the buildings, which means the days til I leave are becoming fewer and fewer. I am excited. Nervous, but excited.

Still, prayer is appreciated. Even though I think we finally got the loan stuff off the ground, I’m still fighting battles, much to my dismay. Or, I guess I should re-phrase that. People I love are picking battles with me, and I’m trying my hardest to put into practice what I’ve been learning this summer and not fight back. Still, that doesn’t make it any easier to let someone criticize me and hurt my feelings, while I choose not to hurt that person’s feelings–even though what I could say would be correct. But, I have to ignore it and keep going, keep trusting. I don’t know how, but God will fight this battle for me in His time and in His way. He will provide. He’ll get the glory, and those people’s accusations and doubts will be null and void. I guess, as Relient K says, “We all struggle with forward motion.”

I’m just ready to go.



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