One Month…

Yesterday marked the 1 month deadline til I leave for Canada. Of course I am excited. Still, now I have to start actually doing the stuff I need to do to prepare. I’ll have to set up electricity and such for when we get there. Today, I started packing boxes and writing out my manifest. (Hopefully everything will fit in my car!) I also contacted FAFSA again…apparently I’ve been mistaken about how this loan stuff works for oh…the entire summer. I also discovered that I’m the first student ever to come through the seminary doing a FAFSA loan. (No wonder the seminary people were just as confused as I was…)I think we got it straightened out, though, so maybe at last I can get that loan stuff done.

Last night I talked to one of my seminary roommates on the phone. We had a good talk.

With my departure deadline drawing near, I’m having to notice the things that I was trying to ignore previously. Mainly financial things (since I have nowhere near the money). Here’s a summary (all these are rough estimates):

Trip to Canada…$1000

School…$3720 a year

Rent/utilities/etc…$3220 a year

Groceries/gas/necessities…$-I don’t know- a year

Your prayers as I wait to see the results of God fighting this uphill battle…priceless.


4 thoughts on “One Month…

  1. Well, I’m sure you’ll have a blast in seminary! It’s just crazy to think of so many of my friends entering seminary. About the comment, yeah… I guess it probably happens, or will happen one way or the other… it is just weird to experience such things each time they happen.:=

  2. That’s a lot, but comparitivly, it’s a very resonable price for post-grad work.  The school I wanna go will end up costing around 16,000 British pounds (or around $32,000) a year for tuition and housing.
    But still.  That’s a lot of money.
    God will provide!! You are amazing!!

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