Better Days…

The days since my last entry on here have been quite the roller coaster. In fact, that’s part of the reason I haven’t posted in awhile: I didn’t want to post on a downhill day. But the tides are changing upward, so now I can talk about stuff in retrospect.

Step 1 in the fixing of my car has been completed: I now have air.

Also, I may have at least one person to make the Canada drive with me. However, it’s still early, so stuff could still happen, and I don’t want to jinx it. My status on that is precautionary right now: I think I have one person. I may end up having more, depending on who volunteers. I also have chosen the perfect theme song for the drive to Canada. (I know, I’m a goober.) I’m not gonna unveil it right now. I will probably post the lyrics (and the song itself if I can figure out a way) as my last post before we leave. Hint: it’s a song from the album I’m listening to now.

I had seen a devotional called Faith Alone in the bookstore awhile back and was instantly intrigued by it, so much so that I went ahead and ordered it; it’ll be my devotion book for 2007. The cool thing about it is it’s writings by Martin Luther, updated in today’s language. I hear a lot of Martin Luther quotes and stuff, but I’ve never read his writings. When the book came in the mail this week, it was tempting to devour it all then, but I restrained myself. From what little I’ve read, I recommend it. It’s very readable, and it’s a nice glimpse into the theology of the man who initiated the Protestant Reformation. Another book I’ve been wanting to read for awhile, The Gutter, should be coming in soon, too, so I’m pumped to read that, too. And if all that weren’t enough, my new laptop should also be coming in soon.

All that aside, though, the big hairy deal that has pretty much been eating these past 2 weeks is the search for a summer job. Honestly, it was harder than I thought I would be. I figured being a college grad, I’d at least have some advantage. Not so. All the places I looked at either weren’t hiring, didn’t want me, or needed full-time help instead of part-time. My first week of job searching wasn’t too bad. I put in 4 or 5 applications. The plan was to wait to hear from them, then if I didn’t hear anything by the end of last week, I’d go out again this week. When I didn’t hear anything, things started getting crazy. And so did my parents. Suddenly all they talked about was jobs and helping me find one. For example, at Wednesday night prayer meeting, my dad mentioned me getting a job as a special prayer request. Basically this whole week I’ve felt an inch tall. I was frustrated that for the first time I could remember, I couldn’t succeed at something, and I was frustrated at my parents for taking over something that I felt was supposed to be my perrogative. It was like if I didn’t get a job, I’d feel like a failure, and I’d be failing my parents, and I’d look like a failure to everybody in the church who knew about my unemployment issues. I originally wanted a job because I had no desire to sit around the house all day feeling like a bum; especially after 3 years of mission work every summer, if I did absolutely nothing, I would go insane. But by today, all the pressure I felt had distorted that desire into something else entirely. By today, I wanted a job–no matter if it was something I actually wanted to do or not–solely for the purpose of getting my parents off my back.

I think God must have known I was almost at the snapping point, because He provided. My dad took me to Top o’ The River Restaurant this afternoon. (He and my mom have taken me around some this week, partially because my car was in the shop and partially because I still don’t know my way around very well.) Turns out they needed a hostess. I applied and they interviewed me on the spot, and I got the job. It’ll be weekends and some during the week (sounds fairly low-stress), and I start a week from Monday. I’m glad I got the job; it’s a lot better than some of the options I had been considering. I’m a little nervous, though; hopefully I’ll do a good job. First I need to get directions to the place, lol. I plan to make some dry run trips this week.  Outside this, I probably won’t write much–if anything–about work, though. I’ve seen too many horror stories of “When Bosses Read Your Blog” type thing…

Other good news: this Sunday I get to see my Starfield guys, and since I’m starting work later than anticipated, I should be able to see the Superchic[k] crew the following Saturday, too. Attending The Afters’ concert is now out of the question, though. But, if you know me, you know I’m already working on a possible loophole (don’t worry, it definitely does not involve neglecting my job).  We’ll see what happens.

Until later…

*Update 6/3: Sure enough, The Gutter came today and I read it all in one fell swoop. It’s a good book and I definitely recommend it.*


6 thoughts on “Better Days…

  1. Yeah, hostessing is great.  Not too much to do for the pay.  I hostess right now, and it is super easy.  And very low stress.  The only thing I have to stress about is the lack of hours cuz I need money!!!!!
    I’m excited for you about your car getting fixed!! I know what a blessing that will be to you!!! Just out of curiosity, where do you live?

  2. Wait… so hey this is random but i was listining to robbie seay this morning… hes awesome i love better days. Did you go to the concert in houston? j/w ~Drewp.s. just so you know how i found you im friends with Deborah

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