Today, I sat in on a class with my Admissions friend Ruth. After class, she took me around to meet some people, including Kathleen MacNaughton, who’s in charge of paperwork stuff. Ruth asked her if all my stuff was in. Kathleen pulled my folder, rummaged through it and said yes. Then, she said something about how she had sent me an e-mail and a letter. I told her I hadn’t received it yet. She said, “Oh. Well, you’re in!” I have officially been accepted to CSBS for seminary. I think I even teared up a little, haha. I had assumed I would get in, if nothing else because they’re such a small school. But actually hearing it, and knowing that I got in, wow. That just puts it in a whole new light.


4 thoughts on “Accepted

  1. Congratulations!!!  I’m so glad that things worked out; isn’t God faithful?  I found out yesterday that I’ve been accepted into RTS for the marriage and family therapy program.  I hope the rest of your spring break is just as good.

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