“Greetings from the Frozen North!” Haha yeah I know it’s goofy, but it seems like every first e-mail I’ve ever gotten from supervisors in Canada said that, so it seemed appropriate.

Today is only Day 4, and Michelle and I have already had quite a trip. It got kicked off on a pretty bad note, I must admit…Michelle was pickpocketed (pickwalleted, really) at New Orleans airport the morning we left. And, I was feeling quite ill. Still, we could see God’s grace through it. We still had the cash we needed, though other stuff was taken. And, Michelle was able to get over the border fine. If anything, it just seemed to prove to us that God is going to do something big on this trip because obviously there were evil forces working against us.

Our first full day we didn’t do much of anything, other than recuperate from the day before, and do some schoolwork.

Yesterday my friend Mike came and chauffered us around town. We got groceries, and ended up getting on the nearest train…we just kinda rode to Calgary. We had intended to go to Saddleback Stadium (where the Flames play, since it doesn’t look like we’re going to get to see a hockey game), but we got a little turned around. And, it was not a good day to get turned around, either. It was really cold and windy, even though it wasn’t snowing. I could feel the muscles in my forehead freezing. Michelle said my face was red as a tomato, haha. The funny thing about it, though, is even though I wasn’t exactly the most comfortable I’ve ever been, haha, I was still content. I felt perfectly satisfied and happy just walking around and looking around. I couldn’t help but think…if I can still love Canada in conditions like this, I must really love Canada. It’s kind of funny, even though I know Michelle isn’t exactly the most comfortable here, it’s really growing on her, too. She told me today she really likes Canada. I know she’s not going to ultimately be here or anything, but I think she can kind of see what I see in this place, which is cool.

Today we went to Bow Valley Church. It was a really good service, and the people were really nice. It was good enough that I’m pretty sure that’s where I’ll be going to church, should I come here. After church, we ended up going with…well, pretty much half the college/career group, it seemed like, haha, with Mike and his parents to watch his sister Carrie at a synchronized skating event. It was pretty cool, and her group did a really good job. We also stayed and watched some of the other groups. By the far the most amusing was the first-year skaters. They waddled out onto the ice, dressed as different animals, and did their thing. It was really cute. After we left, we went to Humpty’s…the best comparison I can think of here is a Waffle House/Shoney’s type deal.

I’m purposefully not going to tell everything we do on here–after all, I have to leave something for you guys to read in my Spring Break Collegian article. I may post again before we leave, I may not. But, it has been good thus far. We have a tentative schedule, but the way things have been going, it seems like we could end up spending a random day out at any point in time. Things may change a little next week with everybody going back to school. I have no clue who I’ll see the rest of this week and who I won’t. But, it’s just been good. I’m really glad we came.

However, I haven’t done any schoolwork since that first full day, so I’m about to go and attempt to make myself be productive.


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  1. did you see johnathan and cathy chisholm? they are the youth directors at bow valley- she is pregnant- they came to my house in florida a few years ago and had dinner with my family and stayed until like 2 in the morning! haha so much of my life ties back to canada, gotta love it. take good care of her for me 🙂

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