What a Beautiful Day!

*Just a note, the quote I put at the top of my page awhile back relates to the tree picture on the side. Not saying that if you stand in your faith, it’s a guarantee that you’ll still be standing in the end. But, like a tree stump, there will still be evidence that you did indeed stand.*

Wow. Today was one of those unique, spring, perfect-weather days: 73 degrees and sunshine. I was privileged to sit on the swings in the blissful weather to meditate, and later to study. It was especially nice when I went this morning, to just sit and pray and think before the chaos of the day started. Sunday, Dr. Belser preached from Nathan’s rebuke of David about how little we dwell on the goodness of God. And, it’s very true. As he said, it’s so much easier for us to think about the areas in which we’re still waiting on God or in which we think God hasn’t come through. In my ponderings recently, I’ve thought about what happens to my brain when it goes into idle mode. Usually, I think about: things I have to do, things coming up, situations going on, people I’m concerned about. Now, I don’t think it’s bad to think about those things. But, the fact that right now, my mind immediately veers toward those things when I’m not using it for something else indicates that those things are what my bent is toward right now. I truly want to change that. I couldn’t help but think how awesome it’d be if God could help me train my brain so that the reverse would happen–instead of my idle thoughts constantly drifting toward other things, they’d drift toward Him. I’ve mentioned in earlier posts I have a Mary/Martha complex, haha. I go back and forth between being one or the other. I want to be a Mary in my mind, too, not just my outward actions.

Well, all I can say is God knows us so well. Last week I ordered the Hello Kelly EP and Enter the Worship Circle: Village Thrift (my second acquisition in the Worship Circle collection, my first being Second Circle). Both albums came today, but the package for the Worship Circle CD was really big. (I had only paid like $11, with free shipping, for this CD). I opened the big package and found:

 (the one I already own)

 (this is the one I actually ordered)

So yeah, I randomly got the entire Enter the Worship Circle collection. My CD collection overfloweth, haha. I looked to see what the price was for this random abundance I got, and it’s listed as $44.98. I guess this means God’s got me covered in helping train my brain, haha. I should have plenty to listen to for the next while–especially Spring Break.

Speaking of which, is only one week away (til I leave for Hattiesburg, anyway). How did it get here so fast? I remember when it was months away. Now I’m living in 70 degree sunshine…in just over a week I’ll be in -20 degree snow. After all the people who have expressed excitement about me coming, and the people who have contributed to my going, and all the people who want to see me, and all the prayers I know they’re uttering on my behalf…not to mention all the possible stuff Michelle and I have thought about doing while there, I don’t even know what to expect from this trip anymore. Only that it will be good, because this trip has proven to be God-powered, and God is good.

I am going to try my best to restrain myself from posting again until we hit Canada.

I’m super excited…

And we’re ready.

So…I suppose my next post will be from Canada. Until then…


13 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Day!

  1. Awww!!! Thanks… I think that’s a great idea… I’m kind of doing and not doing at the same time… I’m hoping that by NOT being distracted by the TV I will be able to study some in my courses each day so the cramming might be avoided πŸ™‚ I hope you have a fabulous time in Canada!!!

  2. Hey girl, I know you’re excited about Canada :)I’ve been thinking alot about Southwestern Seminary in Texas, and they pay for your first 3 semesters if you go through the Jman program. Also, they don’t require the GRE test for a counseling degree..which is amazing.Take care!Amanda

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Why did you put up that awful pic of me!!! UG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :o)

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