I’ve just gotten in from leading my last Disciplenow (that’s just an assumption, because I think I’ll be too old to qualify after this year). I am quite pooped, so this isn’t going to be quite up to my usual lengthy precedent.

The Dnow went fairly well. It was kinda crazy because it was a combination of 4 small youth groups. I ended up leading 7th-8th girls. (Nothin makes you feel old like leading people 10 years younger than you, haha.) At first I was a little nervous because one of the girls was from another group, so I didn’t know if she’d be accepted. However, my girls made me proud. They were one big happy family. It was still funny, though, even though they pretty much got along great at the house (which is a miracle in itself, because I can still remember the drama that often went down with my friends when I was that age), the minute we all got together for church, they immediately scattered to their respective youth groups.

One thing I think would’ve helped a little is if we’d have gotten to do community work or a scavenger hunt between the house groups. They had community work planned, but it fell through, so we all went bowling (instead of community service and then bowling). It was fun, but once again, opportunity to clique up.

I had a good group of girls. They were pretty well-behaved and all that. I’m not sure if they really got anything out of it spiritually. Some of that may be because I didn’t get the material until last Monday and didn’t have the time to really invest in it. I know some of it’s my own fault, because Dnow was last on my To Do list for the week, so I probably didn’t adequately use the week I did have. And, I didn’t rest up before…I was exhausted from last week/weekend, and went into the Dnow thinking about all I have to do next week, and I just wasn’t as there as I could have been. At some points, it was more like I was just there. And I suppose some of it could be, as my friend Dan once quoted a friend of his, “Sometimes you wonder if junior high kids have souls.” After this weekend, I think I understand that quote a little better, haha. When we came in from worship last night, we were supposed to have our last lesson. The girls didn’t feel they’d lived up to the “fun potential” of the night before, so they’d been plotting all day to jump on Mrs. Cathy’s trampoline (in the 30 degree weather) that night. One of my girls, upon entering the house, immediately said, “Trampoline time!” Another one said, “No, we have to have our lesson first.” The first one just said, “Oh.” Yeah…times like that I wondered if they saw it more as a Christian sleepover or an opportunity to learn. Of course, when I finished the lesson that night, they jumped up and ran to hit the trampoline. But, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe God planted seeds I just didn’t see. I hope so.

Another interesting observation from the weekend: Kevin and I were the only house leaders who were not married. Yes, we were the only 2 single people (plus Kyle Williams, but I’m not counting him because he’s a youth minister). Yeah, that was pretty much the most awkward situation I’ve been in in a good while. What was crazier was, 2 of the people I knew were people who just last year, or 2 years ago, were not even engaged. Now they’re newlyweds. Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t have issues with my being single, but in a situation like that, it’s just really awkward. Not to mention really hard to fit in, especially if your interests aren’t yet domestically-centered. And I have a good example. There were 3 female leaders there (one was older) who I always seemed to end up sitting with for meals. Not only are they married, they all know each other and are from the same area, so they know the same people. The first night, I just sat there while they caught each other up on the people they knew, and talked about their houses and husbands. Lunch the next day was when it got really bad, though. Seriously, it was so Southern Living. I admit, I think part of it may be my slightly growing distaste for the Southern/Bible Belt way of life, but most of it was just how localized and domestic this conversation was. We’re eating our sandwiches, and they start talking cooking. I think Shake’n’Bake was even mentioned at one point. One of them then starts talking about how she likes to watch The Food Network, especially the 30-minute meals. The other two immediately chime in, agreeing. The first lady said the other day she’d watched a show where the host made some salsa, and used it as the foundation for meals for the entire next week. (She meant like using the same stuff over and over for 7 days.) She commented that this was an inspired idea and began musing about doing the same thing, maybe whip up some salsa on Sunday and use it for a week. I thought, “I am so out of place here…” and tried to finish my lunch quickly.

Anyway, it was a…different weekend. Here are my 2 pictures:

My housegroup girls

Some girls who were fascinated by Kyle’s shaved head…

In other news, what God had told me would happen last week happened. No more excuses for me…I have none.


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  1. glad you had a good weekend- and I totally understand the wife talk- I have been asked to be in YET another wedding! and moving to brussels . . . it all depends on my stupid career. to teach in a belgian school i would have to learn french and flemish, and while i am working on french, i dont think flemish is even possible. my only option at first would be the department of defense school, and they dont generally hire first year teachers. or marrying my british boy to get his citizenship and teaching at the british school. so we will see. i am leaning toward the british boy. 😉
    oh by the way, my sister is TOTALLY obsessed with hawk nelson and thinks you are the most AWESOME person on the planet.

  2. i steered her to your entry where you had pics of them and talked to them and whatnot, she is jealous of that . . . and i will come visit you in canada. i still love it.

  3. Hmm… why do I blog? I started because my friends did and it was another thing to have in common, I guess. Now I do it because it helps me keep in touch with the distant friends I’ve made through it. I also like being able to look back and remember things, and it’s way more convenient than a paper journal. Oh, and the constant affirmation doesn’t hurt. 🙂

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