Inhale, exhale….inhale, exhale.

What a day.

This morning, I got an e-mail from my friend Ruth Mitchum (she’s Student Enlistment Director at CSBS). I had asked her about some stuff, including Student Loans, about a month ago.

This is how it came about: It crossed my mind that maybe I should see if I could do student loans at CSBS. I asked Stafford, and they said it’d be possible, but only if the school will accept it. Ruth wrote me back this morning, and she……said………


I was rather shocked. I think I almost fell out of my chair; I sat there, mouth open, gaping at the screen. I gaped for so long, I was almost late to my 11:00 class. (For my friends who are in Short Story, this is why I had a bewildered look on my face the whole time, notwithstanding having to get re-adjusted to Mrs. Lassiter’s rapid-fire speaking.)

This means that, even if nobody lifts a finger financially to help me go to seminary, it is possible, even though it’d up my debt to about $60k. I still need financial help and will still continue to look for it, but knowing (that if I get in), either way, going is possible is a big burden lifted. The only catch now is I have to actually find my FASFA pin and stuff…I have no clue where it is…

Then I went to Senior Seminar. It wasn’t too bad (we’re doing poetry, so that’s bittersweet because it’s vague), but at the same time it was, in that I’m having trouble even getting the syllabus/schedule straight. That can’t be good. Help! I think I know what I’m supposed to do for next week, though…

I guess that’s what senior English major friends are for, though. (Yes, I am desperately begging for somebody to help me understand what’s going on…)


I’m starting to think if I can get through this semester–and pass it–I can do anything. Currently I’m in a pseudo-stress/comatose state. Therefore I have “Let It Be” on repeat…hopefully the repetition will help it sink into some part of my panicking unconscious…

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