So, I am writing from the Lynn Haven Library. I have 32 minutes (Internet access here is timed) to write this entry. Good thing it’s gonna be short, haha.

I hope everybody had a great Christmas. Mine was nice. I got a book of my mom’s recipes (we will be adding more on to that later), a new Bible (as displayed in my Currently Reading list), $100, and 2 scarves. We’ve also been shopping and I got some clothes, and yesterday I found Boy Meets Girl (which I’ve never read) for $5, so I got it, too. Somehow in all of this I’m still planning to save up for the Canada Spring Break trip, haha. Outside that, my entertainment here has consisted largely of copying all my markings from my old Bible into my new Bible. So far, I’m up to 1 Samuel.

Anyway, with all those formalities out of the way, I must confess that I need some God-doctoring. I’m not really sure what it would need to consist of, I just know I need it. Despite my hopes, I still can’t seem to shake the lah-de-dah aura that has engulfed me since we got out of break. But the lah-de-dahness, combined with facing other issues (mainly Canada ones), isn’t doing well by me. My mom told me yesterday that my Grandma got on to her about letting me going to Canada. I’ll spare you the details of that one, though I will say that I wish she would just say whatever she has to say to me instead of scolding my mom about it.

In other news, I’m now trying Listerine Whitening Mouthwash. They weren’t lying when they said it foams up in your mouth. I almost laughed at myself today because I was swishing and I could see the foam seeping out. I kinda looked like a rabid dog trying to disguise his rabidness, haha. Anyway, I guess this has been another random, pointless entry, haha, but I guess I’ll leave it up for now.  I shall go and do some more Bible underlining. Whew! Done with 6 minutes to spare.


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  1. Yeah, I undestand the whole “I’ll tell everyone else about how I feel about you going to Canada…but you won’t here it from me” syndrome. It’s hit here too. I’m praying for you. Just something encouraging that a friend of mine told me last night during one of my “woe is me” moments, she said, “Sarah, sometimes obedience is going to require you to go against everything your parents and your friends ever wanted for you, but be encouraged…if you know what you’re doing is in complete obedience to the call of Christ on your life and you’re willing to live a life of sacrifice…than God will change their hearts! At least that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about!” She’s the wisest 20 year old I have ever known…her secret? Her parents are missionaries in Southeast Asia and her family doesn’t understand.

  2. I can’t stop laughing!!! I’m seeing you as a rabid dog…LOL with the foam everywhere!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Bring that stuff with you when we go on our trip. It will be fun. LOL Luv ya! :o)

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