Well, I’m happy to say that I’m in somewhat brighter spirits than I was last post, so that’s good. I don’t particularly enjoy being a gloomy Gus.

As Michelle commented in her entry, she and I did hang out at the mall and have a fun time, though it was pretty hectic. For a minute there around lunchtime, I was thinking we’d end up seeing a “No Vacancy” sign posted somewhere in that Food Court, because it was quite packed. Talk about a Mary and Joseph experience, haha. But we found places to sit down, so no worries there.

So far, I’ve gone through 4 boxes, and many more to go. In going through them, though, I came across several old pictures. It’s funny to see yourself evolve over the years–and to see your parents evolve and yet, stay the same. I can’t post the pictures from here, but when I get back to school I will try to so I can show you guys what I mean.

Far as Canada goes, I’ve continued to talk with my mom about it. The more she gets used to the idea….well, the more she gets used to the idea, haha. Though she’s still not excited about the idea, I’ve gotta give her props for really coming along in being open to talking about it and being more obliging to me about it. Whenever people make a comment to my dad about it, he just kind of makes an “I-don’t-want-my-only-daughter-to-go” face. But he hasn’t really said anything. I’m not really sure where he stands…I’m thinking it’s like my mom, except he’s keeping quiet.

On a personal note about the Canada issue, I recently finished re-reading all 3 of my summer missions journals. I wanted to look at them to notice themes, examine my motives, etc. Any kind of warning flags. There was one area in which I was a little concerned. I don’t know if the concern is really valid or not, though. Either way, I’m trying to examine my heart about things. Even if it’s something that’s not going to be an issue, I at least want to know it’s there going in. I’m thinking about fasting for a few days coming up soon, so that hopefully I can really focus and pray about Canada–the degree I’d be getting, money, my motives, my calling, all that stuff. It’s amazing how I can always go into break with such good intentions and still fail in them miserably. Throughout the semester, I’m so busy, and it seems like the times I get away with God are few and far between. Then I come home at the end of the semester, all pumped to do some serious examination, personal worship time, and just overall God-seeking, and guess what happens. This la-de-dah attitude kinda kicks in…and I watch TV (something I rarely do at school) or something like that. I’m hoping the fast would kinda help kick me out of la-de-dah mode, because this is definitely not the time for it. I should get a nice prelude to it starting Christmas day, at my Grandma’s though. We’ll be there (FL) for about a week, and her house lacks many of the creature comforts that are so readily available at my house…central heat, in-home computer, etc. It could be like my own personal wilderness experience….haha, okay, so maybe not, I’m just kidding. But I do think it may help. A friend told me I was being too hard on myself, and I would have to agree with her. I just really want to make sure that I’m doing the right thing, and I guess I figure better to be too hard on myself about it than not hard enough.

So, I would concur that this post has probably been of no use to anybody, not even me, haha. And I don’t like to make a post where I’m not really even saying anything in particular. I will try to make another one before we head out to Grandma’s and I will try to make it worthwhile. If you’re gonna read it, it might as well be worth reading, right?


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  1. i feel weird too seeing people that i used to hang out with a lot and then not hanging out at all now. we should get together sometime. that would be cool. i never hang out with lee either. stacy is about the only colin person i hang out with these days and we didn’t even go to colin at the same time haha. anyway, we should get together some time.

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