Another day…..another dollar…..and now, in Feb., another move. We don’t know where yet, just that we will be leaving. Hopefully, we’ll have a new church to go to. I could offer my opinion on all this, but for now, I’ll refrain from expounding.

My mom and I have talked about Canada almost every day now, and every day it has been discouraging. It seems as if the innocent but practical barrage of questions my aunt hit me with yesterday (only because yesterday was her first time to see me to even know I’m applying for Canada seminary) seem to have given my mom extra ammo. She openly admitted to me today that she’s very selfish in not wanting me to go; I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Her reasoning was that “sometimes it seems like we don’t have a daughter.” They don’t see me much as it is, and then when I do come home I usually keep more to myself, and then it’s time to go again. She concurred and said that she knows I’m honestly seeking God about it. But, that’s the most she’s given me so far. She’s hit me with a lot of practical questions that I can’t answer yet. I know these are things I have to face and figure out, but I don’t know how. God has to provide the money to go first. Far as my dad goes, he doesn’t seem thrilled, though he’s at least accepting. I’m guessing he and I will probably talk about it tomorrow, since I’m going with him to Hattiesburg, and that’s a 2 hour drive from here. When I get back, I’ll have to start sorting through boxes of my stuff so we can start packing everything up again.

Nonetheless, I did send off my application to seminary last Friday.

I called Susan Jones, my supervisor from the summer, and she returned my call last night. It was nice to hear her voice again, and her repetition of  “You know what I mean?”.  She suggested I consider doing an M.Div instead of another B.A. and gave me several reasons why. Her reasons were valid; I’m thinking about it.

And I’ll hopefully get to see Michelle M tomorrow for the first time since last June. I’m excited for that.

Still, Christmas is turning into an awfully hard holiday.  And encouragement seems hard to come by around here.

I need to remind myself to worship despite it all, though.

How many days til Jan. 11th again?


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  1. YAY!! You get to see me!!! AHA HAHAHAHA! Maybe I can help cheer you up…I can tell you…when you don’t understand what’s going on, God has it all under control….Trust in Him. His ways aren’t our ways….He’s beyond our reasoning.

  2. Girl! I hate to hear that you are moving but I know its for the best. We will hang out over the break if I have to find where you live come to your house and drag you out by your toes while you laugh… If you want you could even come with me to church to get away from the mess… let me know.

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