Tuesday night, one of my really good friends from Co-Lin, Bobbie, came to visit. She’s 25, in the Air National Guard, lives in Hattiesburg, is a paramedic. I don’t get to see her often (she’s 25), so it was cool. When we met up, she gave me this book for Christmas. I will be curious to read it over break. Our crew also went to see this movie, after all the local bowling alleys fell through on us. The movie was…interesting. I’ll just leave it at that…

However, the evening wasn’t all laughs and fun. Bobbie told us that she’s shipping off in January for Afghanistan. She’ll be there 4 months. Not bad at all when compared with the amount of time some people are overseas, but of course I’m still a little concerned for her.

Shakespeare final tonight.

Spanish final tomorrow.

Intercultural Communication final Tuesday (hooray for open book/notes finals: I heart Dr. Ziegler haha)

Early American Lit final Wednesday, then shopping/eating with Kimmy…then home.

Yes, as some have commented to me, I am in the Collegian, haha. Quoted/pictured once, contributed via writing twice…I’ll let you figure that one out.

Happy finals, everyone. The semester is almost over.


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  1. how was the movie?  i want to see it, but not if it is a waste of my time and money…..5 more days for me….probably about the same for you…..YAY!!!!! 

  2. captivating is really good- gives some insights i never thought about- and my semester is officially over as of yesterday, and let me tell you, it is an incredible feeling!

  3. Well i’m better now but one of my lamar friends lives in the dorm with her sister and they got an eviction notice yesterday.  So they’re seriously talking about moving to OK to live with their older sister and look for jobs and new school.  At Christmas.  Would appreciate your prayers.  Hope you’re doing well, good luck with finals.

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