I added a pic of me and Lucy at ChopSticks to the last entry. If anybody wants to donate money to help me shower her with gifts, let me know.

Went home…Thanksgiving break was busy with papers mostly. But I did get to really see the damage for the first time, from Moss Point all the way to Biloxi. Most of these pictures were taken near the beach in the Pascagoula area (and yes, most were taken as my parents drove me around). And keep in mind, this is 3 months after the actual hurricane hit…

 Best Western

 Catholic church

 Catholic church’s new meeting place

 Decapitated church

 This is where 2 houses are actually stacked on top of each other

 House debris in trees

 Topless pier

One family tried to make their destroyed home a little more festive…

While some people are still living in tents and have no homes at all…

 Tent village in Ocean Springs

However, despite the overwhelming destruction, I also saw some rays of hope (quite literally on my drive back to MC):

 A Home for Christmas

 Dad’s church’s sanctuary so far, thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers from Tennessee and California, plus many other places

 I took this while driving back to MC (kids, don’t try this at home).

New stuff I’ve learned: During the temptation of Jesus, He reveals that God is far more concerned with the basic heart issue rather than the details of the situation. For example, when Satan offers Jesus all the kingdoms, Jesus does not say, “I don’t want your stinkin’ kingdoms,” like we might. In fact, He doesn’t comment on what He’s being offered at all. He deals with the base issue instead: “Worship God alone.” It’s the same pattern through all 3 temptations. And Scripture (the 2 most important commands are extremely basic). Just something to chew on. The temptation is never about the details, it’s about our hearts and our motives. God really does look at the thoughts and intents of the heart more than outward appearances/circumstances. Maybe we should, too.


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  1. Good insight on temptation, it really isn’t about the details we try to focus on. I think most of the problems we deal with in the world stem from a few basic things. We focus in ways that differ from God’s way,in the same way that Band-aids differ from surgery. It really does make you think about things πŸ™‚

  2. That picture of the ship on land is crazy! I took a picture of it too everytime I pass it I’m like -that is not supposed to be there.  The church looks like its coming along that is wonderful!

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