You Are 40% Boyish and 60% Girlish
You are pretty evenly split down the middle – a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don’t actively fight them.
You’re just you. You don’t try to be what people expect you to be.

Odd way to start a post, I know. But considering the next paragraph, it seemed appropriate. No specific subject matter this evening, hence no title.

To be honest, it’s tempting to just not update awhile longer and see how many more comments I could possibly rack up…My last entry I had 12 comments, which is the most I’ve had in a whiiiiiilllle. I’m thinking part of that was reaction to formal. It’s amusing…since I changed my Facebook picture to one of me from formal, and had formal pictures up on my Xanga, I’ve gotten an explosion of comments/wall messages, etc. about it. I am definitely appreciative, though very much surprised. All I see in these pictures is me, in a formal dress. Not exactly something that could alter the course of life as we know it. Is it really that big a deal–me in a dress? Maybe so after all… I’m glad people have noticed and complimented me; I appreciate all the compliments and stuff I’ve received, they’ve made my day. I’m just shocked and somewhat amused at the number of them. Either people are that surprised that I am capable of looking like a girl, or I just looked nicer than I thought. Oh well.

Speaking of pictures, I got them all (Todd Agnew/Starfield, Crowder/Shane&Shane, Casting Crowns/Building 429, Formal) developed Friday. My paycheck is definitely obliterated from it, haha. And I have many more I wanted to get developed (or re-developed), just for the heck of it. The number of decent pictures I take has been increasing (much to my pleasant surprise), so I’m thinking I need to start blowing up and framing some of these pictures. (And maybe some of Amanda’s, too. In case you guys haven’t noticed, that girl takes awesome pictures) You can donate to the “Michelle Wants to Make Nice Pictures Fund” by calling me…

I was going to take a brief study break and return to writing my precis. Instead I ended up GIMPing Ada from this summer…(What did I do before I started putting pictures on this thing?)

Does anybody know what the longest-lasting batteries are for a Kodak digital camera? The best I ever had were the batteries that came with my camera. Since then, my camera drinks batteries like a 6-year-old drinks Kool-Aid.

Though my random musings would portray otherwise, I do actually have a point to writing this–updating you all on the situation with my family I had mentioned earlier. I talked with a trusted person who was capable of giving me trusted advice, which she did. What I had been debating turned out to be correct, it wasn’t just me being crazy. Biblically, I could step in and do something; it would be my place to do so. Still, that doesn’t make it easier for me to decide if I should and if so, how to go about it. I’d have to decide whether to tell my parents of my meddling. I’d have to decide if the worst case scenario actually happening would make my interference worth it (and trust me, the worst case scenario is very bad). I’d have to decide exactly who to talk to and how to go about it (other than just in Christ’s love–good, and part of the plan, but not very specific). Basically, I have to decide. And it’s a hard decision. I know that it’s going to require a serious examination of myself and my motives before I make a move either direction. I’ve been praying that God would show me my logs so I can work on myself before I go around trying to fix specks, especially of people who are so much older than I am. If I do this, I need to go about it as Biblically as possible…and I need to make sure that I’m doing it for the right reasons, not just out of pure frustration (which would be the easy way out). Not to mention how to go about it discreetly for fear that Lucy will get the wrong idea. I have 10 days before I (and Lucy) go home. Hopefully God will reveal a course of action to me by then. If you guys are wanting to know how to pray for me, besides Canada money, my part in this situation would be another good one…


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  1. hmm…I say go for the batteries that…I don’t know haha, but rechargeable seems to be winning…and I think your test at the top of this post just called me a girlie man, err…

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