Hello all.

So, I did make it to and from Southaven okay and have not spontaneously combusted yet today. Still, I’m thinking about taking tomorrow off (since I only have 1 class) to rest, etc.

This weekend was a lot busier than I’d originally planned. I went to CSC Friday night (the College Student Conference: all the BSUs in Mississippi get together for 2 days of worship, challenge, and missions emphasis. It’s here that students find out about available summer missions positions–where the magic begins, baby! ). I hadn’t planned to go Saturday morning (I was going to rest up for the Southaven trip), but Friday night I saw a friend of mine who I never see and may not see again, so I decided to return Saturday morning for one last prayertime/chat, so to speak.

Saturday I got up early and went to CSC. Missed my friend, but it’s okay. There were lots of other friends I got to see and hang out with, and of course I’m always glad to learn from the Word and worship.

I went straight from CSC to Rush Skit practice and had just enough time after that to come back to the room, check e-mail, change into my skit clothes, eat, and go back for the actual Rush Skit. I think our skit went over well. I didn’t stay for any other skits; I went straight back to the room to work on the schoolwork I’d been meaning to do that day (I wanted to get done early so I could go to bed early).

I slept late as I could Sunday morning and got up, ate lunch, and trekked 3, 3 1/2 hours to Southaven. For those who were at Co-Lin the year I was on BSU council, remember the night I had a pastor from Hernando come speak and after he came, I found out that Hernando is practically in Memphis and I felt really really bad about asking him to come? Yeah, I passed Hernando on the way to Southaven, if that tells you anything, haha. I found it amusing.

When I got to the church (about 2 hrs early, typical me), they let me in and said I could help setup. Except they never actually found anything for me to do, so I ended up being of no value whatsoever except to the pew I was warming. I did happen to run into Wendy, who works with Premier Productions (the company that puts on a lot of these concerts), MS branch. She recognized me because we met when I showed up early to the Hawk Nelson concert at MC earlier this year. We chatted a little and she told me that if I wanted to help her at/for the Casting Crowns/Building 429 concert at First Baptist Jackson on 11/4, she’d give me a free ticket. She also told me to feel free to invite some friends with the same premis, so there ya go, if anybody else is like me: wouldn’t mind going to the show but is broke as a joke.  She was also heading back to Jackson that night, so she told me I could follow her home so neither of us would be solitary females riding down the road late at night…

I did carry my presentation material with me to study (remember, I had one due at 9:00 today), but couldn’t focus my brain on it, so I just memorized some key terms and left it alone.

The show itself overall was pretty good. And it was nice to see Superchic[k] play with an audience that wasn’t all under the age of 15, haha. Max couldn’t be there, so they set up this thing dubbed “Max in a box” in his stead. It’s some kind of device where you can push a button and the keyboards/samples (the stuff Max does) just play. I must confess, I’m not the biggest fan of “Max in a box.” Goodness knows he (and everyone else in the band) needs a break sometimes, and it’s great that with a machine like that, a break is possible. But, at the same time, there was definitely something missing in the show. If you didn’t know the band consists of 6 people, you wouldn’t notice, but as it is, if you know like I and the guy who was sitting next to me did, that it’s 6 folks, you notice a hole in the stage where Person #6 should be. So, technology, awesome, rock on. But at the same time, people are God’s greatest technology and are irreplaceable.

I should also comment on Audio Adrenaline, just for the record. Last night was about the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen Audio Adrenaline in concert, and I noticed I’ve never gotten tired of them. If you’ve ever been to an Audio show, you know that they’ll do “Big House” and when they do, Mark (singer) will come out in the audience, hold the mic up to various people and let them sing, and pick one person to end the song. Also they’ll grab audience members to come on stage and goof around during “Beautiful.” But it never gets old. You still have this heightened anticipation/excitement when they interact with the audience like that. I guess that goes to say that audience participation never gets old with people, even when you’ve had the band for 14 years…

Last night I also got to significantly talk with almost all my friends in Superchic[k] and find out ways that I could specifically pray for them, which was really cool. I also talked with a couple of the guys from Sanctus Real about prayer needs and they added me to their “prayer group” list. No picture with them (or anybody else), because I don’t think our meeting kicked off on the best foot. I won’t go into details here, if you want ’em, ask. But getting to talk and be entrusted with prayer requests from some of the Superchic[k] crew more than made up for that.

Just as a sidenote, I’d encourage you guys to take the time to encourage/pray for Christian musicians. I know generally they’re not ranked up there with the starving children in Africa, and they probably shouldn’t be. But at the same time, I’ve become increasingly convinced that bands have a more potent ministry that many pastors. Not everyone will listen to a sermon, but it’s generally safe to say that everyone will listen to a song. I really think that it’s an encouragement to their hearts to have people show a “real” (versus only as a fan) brother/sister in Christ interest in them. Go a few hours early, volunteer to help, and see where God takes you (don’t push yourself on anybody). They may not talk to you, but be open to the possibility, and if the opportunity arises, use it to encourage them and listen to them and really ask how you can pray for them.

Okay, to get back on track, I helped a little with teardown after the show and talked with Tricia and Dave from Superchic[k] and met Wendy to follow her home. She’d gotten my number, so she called me and we just chatted for probably about an hour of the trip home. It was a cool time where we got to learn a little about each other (she’s the wife of the new music minister at First Baptist Jackson). I also told her my heart about praying for/encouraging musicians (basically the above rant). I got in at 1:30 this morning. I really think one of the things that saved me was singing along with Joy Williams’ Genesis CD at the top of my lungs, and at her pitch, haha. Amazingly though I woke up and was pretty alert. Also amazingly, God did it again. I went to my 9:00 class, and we started doing presentations. But, we ran out of time before I could do mine. Once again, God provided when I took a step to hold fast to truly living life. I had no way of knowing He’d do it; I have no way of taking credit for it. All I can do is thank Him for His mercy in giving me a little extra time. Anyway, that’s all for that.

I fell in love with the song “Our Great God” at CSC this weekend. If you’d like, you should be able to hear it here. Just click on “Our Great God” on the playlist on the left. If that doesn’t work, e-mail me and maybe I can send it to you. So, I’ll close my entry with the lyrics:

Eternal God unchanging

Mysterious and unknown

Your boundless love unfailing

In grace and mercy shown


Bright seraphim in ceaseless flight

Around Your glorious throne

They raise their voices day and night

In praise to You alone



Glory be to our great God


Glory be to our great God


Lord we are weak and frail

Helpless in the storm

Surround us with Your angels

Hold us in Your arms


Our cold and ruthless enemy

His pleasure is our harm

Rise up O Lord and he will flee

Before our sovereign God



Glory be to our great God


Glory be to our great God


Let every creature in the sea and

Every flying bird

Let every mountain every field

And valley of the earth


Let all the moons and all the stars

In all the universe

Sing praises to the living God

Who rules them by His Word



Glory be to our great God


Glory be to our great God



7 thoughts on “

  1. Wow your weekend sounded awesome..I’m glad the concert went well and you were *safe* going by yourself and all.If you want some help/acompanyment to the Casting Crowns/Building 429 concert, I would love to help :)Love ya girl.

  2. i think i might be interested in helping with the concert…i wanted to go, but i just realized that it’s formal weekend…i might do both though.  let me know some details sometime.  take care!

  3. If you think they’ll need another strong back i’d be glad to help.  I’ll try to remember to talk to you about it when it gets closer.

  4. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself… and that song, oh yeah, awesome! alex learned how to play it I think. I wish you were still at ttown so we could sing it one sunday. how is your family doing by the way? oh and did i read somewhere that you were planning on going to todd agnew at colin or shane and shane at FBC Jackson? i wanna go if i can get out of the books.

  5. Hey!  I saw where you commented on somebody else’s Xanga and thought I’d stop by to say HEY.  It sounds like you’re going to all of the concerts that I’m going to lol.  It seems like there are so many good ones coming up in the next month!  It’s definitely got me excited! 
    So you go to MC?   I’ve got a few friends that go there…  I see from your subscription list that you already know one of my bestest buds….Micki Bennett!   Isn’t she just absolutely wonderful?  Anyways, I hope you have an awesome day! God Bless! ~Michael

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