Warning: I don’t know that I have anything really “valuable” to say today, so I’ll just randomly type. I won’t make it as long as the other entry, though. Considering that very few commented on my last entry (and even fewer joined the new blogring tsk tsk), I’ll try to make this fairly brief.

I have discovered the GIMP picture program. (Yes, “gimp,” as in gimp leg or whatever). With this program, you can do pictures with only partial color, like so:

So far, I’ve “gimped” about 9 pictures, and I think that’s all I’ll do for now, though I must confess, “gimping” is quite addicting.

I felt it only appropriate to include the Shakespeare picture, considering tonight in class we learned some interesting Shakespearean type stuff, like insults. So, if someone calls you a “pribbling, milk-livered giglet,” that’s probably where they got it. And realize that none of us who have that sheet know what the stuff on it means, haha.

Lately I find myself rushing through my schoolwork just to “get it done” so I can move onto something else. Quantity seems to preside over quality at times. For instance, I haphazardly did some Spanish homework the other day…present tense conjugation, mind you; not hard stuff. And for “dormirse,” I somehow came up with this: “se duermi.” I know that ain’t right, haha. I’m going to have to go back and check it most definitely. Hopefully I will work out the kinks in this new “do my best but don’t kill myself” system soon. On the subject of school, I finally managed to resolve to drop Tolkien today (though I may still sit in some). I have the form filled out, just have to get some signatures. This may bite me in the butt later, but for now, I’m glad.

I made my roommate and suitemate laugh hysterically the other day. They were laughing so hard they had to stop the car in the middle of Big Lots parking lot.  It makes my day to bring smiles to people’s faces, whether through encouragement or even my own stupidity, so it was fun. Sigh, and yes, I have a confession to make: I am now on Facebook. I did not do it, Vicki did. So, if you go and look up Michelle Glenn, I’ll be there. However, I should warn you guys that I don’t plan to become a Facebook-aholic. All I’ve been doing is browsing people to add as friends and accepting them.

Formal has been on the brain lately. I guess I’m going…being that it’s my last one and all. Just don’t really know who to take. (Haha or more realistically who I’d like to ask before they get frantically snatched up by the cooler girls in my tribe.) To be completely honest, most of my guy friendships at MC are still surface-level. If I had my choice, I’d like to go with somebody kinda in between surface and deep. Because I’d like to learn about somebody, but at the same time, I want to go with somebody I’ve had significant conversation with and who I feel comfortable with. And somebody who I wouldn’t feel would be going with someone “beneath them” (socially, etc.) by going with me. Suggestions are welcome.

There’s a guy on campus who has been a little too interested and friendly with me a little too fast, too. My friends are concerned. Tonight at the IT Preview Party he came up behind me and touched my waist as he passed by. This would be okay from someone I know, but I barely know this person. In fact, we just found out each other’s names when school started. Suggestions about that situation are welcome, too.

Last thing. I talked with Christy Carley today about seminary and Canada and all that. She gave me some suggestions of stuff to pray about and see if it’s God’s will: 1-an opportunity to do ministry in a different setting other than Canada (as a type of affirmation thing). And 2-Something to do; make sure the delight of my heart is exclusively in my relationship with God. I thought it was interesting, though, that in the course of our conversation, she said, “From what I’m hearing, it’s sounding like you’re going to be in Canada.”  Maybe all these crazy puzzle pieces of my calling that all these other people are seeing and acknowledging in me actually fit together after all. . . I’ll be interested to see how the next piece plays into the previous ones.


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  1. 1. Who is this boy you speak of?2. I ❤ GIMP..and grand props for GIMPing Shakespeare. He would be proud :)3. I am not a facebook aholic..xanga is way better.4. I understand about the rushing through schoolwork scenarios..but it seems that in alot of my classes, its impossible to do that. I read for my classes at the last minute. Last night I read for 3-4 hours for my class today. It’s taking more thought than I’ve had to experience before, which is a great thing, but time consuming. I imagine that is what education is for right?? Yeah…Also, are you busy tomorrow at 1:45ish? ST is going to the BCV to cut labels..I think I may go, so if you want to go call me and we meet in NW lobby at 1:45. 601-954-9170

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