Hello, all.

Wow, I don’t know what they did with the Xanga entry box, but I do believe I like it.

What a week. Storms and then sun and no class and just…docile chaos. Monday we were sitting at the window, watching trees blow around, wondering how other people could be saying the damage was so bad, because all we saw was rain and some wind. At one point, we even went on the roof and just stood out in the rain (yes, my suitemates and I were “those girls” who brought about the locking of the roof for the day…there is video haha). Then after it was all over and we looked around campus, it was crazier than we’d thought. Trees down and a few smushed cars and power lines everywhere. What craziness. Then the aftermath started hitting home more and more as we heard about people losing porches and entire homes and some who hadn’t heard from their loved ones at all. Let’s see..what else..oh, the 9:00 Clinton curfew. Also a new experience.

Yesterday was quite the adventure, too, with the electricity being cut off for 24 hours. I spent most of the day sitting outside in the shade reading and listening to headphones. It was pleasant; we were truly blessed that if we had to go without air, we were provided with a relatively cool day. We did lose some fridge stuff, like ice cream. I tried to salvage it and eat it all, but it was mint chocolate chip, which I can only take in small doses anyway. As it got to be night time, though, things were a little more difficult. All our lights were out, plus the lack of air (did I mention I was alone, too?). I’m very grateful Laura had left a flashlight out. It was like some kind of movie…dark hallways and stairs and eerie silence. I ended up sleeping in my suitemates’ room because there was a slight breeze by their window. I don’t want to sound like one of those people who, at the slightest breach of modern convenience, goes on and on and says, “Oh it was dreadful! I don’t know how we made it out alive! *insert swoon*” We really are wimps compared to those who went before us. They read a lot more than we do and for leisure, not because the power was out. And they toughed out every day without air. But with all that said, it was still getting a little tough to deal with by the end of the day. And a girl from my area was talking about how badly the MS coast had been damaged, which wasn’t comforting considering that I hadn’t heard from my parents since they were on the road home. So yeah, I was a little worried. I’d been trying to call them all day, but to no avail.

God’s been so amazing lately. With the Hawk Nelson thing, and other stuff too. I had e-mailed a friend asking an opinion on something and just as I was starting to wonder if it’d be awhile before I heard back, he IMed me out of the blue. Then last night, I was lying on Vicki’s bed, just thinking. (It was like 8:30, so I wasn’t sleepy yet…that’s another thing about back in the day, they went to bed when the sun went down.) I ended up singing along with my Second Circle CD and just having a cool worship and prayer time. After, my mom called. They’d had phone service on and off all day (she told me today that the phone went completely dead after she talked to me—talk about a God thing…). My dad’s church got hit pretty badly; she said the water reached the top of the pulpit. Our house, though, was much more fortunate. Turns out the house we’re renting is slightly higher than the others around it. So while all our neighbors got waterlogged, we didn’t. This is even more ironic if you take into account that my car got stuck in our yard after a rain one night because the yard just holds water. But, in everything here lately, God’s been just one step ahead of me, and it’s so humbling. My heart is full of amazement just thinking about it. God can paint amazing leaves, so you know He’s able to paint one heck of a forest. And He does the most amazing things at the very moments when I feel the least deserving. How awesome. After I got off the phone, though, I took a good while remembering in prayer those who haven’t been so fortunate, who have lost precious possessions and people. I just pray that God will, to the fullest capacity of His will, extend to them the love and mercy and provision that they need, whatever form it may come in. There are a lot of people who need a lot of help right now. If you can’t actually do something for them, at least pray.


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