Once again, nothing much to say. Another fight this morning that sizzled down into discussion, so that was good anyway. We all left the house. I also today got to talk to one of my good friends who I haven’t talked to since Spring Break, so that was awesome to be able to talk to him and be encouraged. Just wanted to say on the record 4 things that you should never be too old/cool/good to do (that I have now done on this trip):

-Swing on a child’s swingset

-Get caught in a summer rainstorm without an umbrella–and enjoy it

-Let a 44-pound kid pick you up off the ground

-Take a stroll through the park.

To borrow Michelle Glover’s phrase, “just sayin.'”


2 thoughts on “

  1. thanks for the compliment! and that was definitely 4 things; 3 of which I’ve done this Summer (well, okay; I haven’t taken a stroll through an actual ‘park’, but i’ve ‘hiked’ through a state park A LOT, and i’ve ‘strolled’ along a river… so do either of those count?)I hope you guys are having an amazing, God filled time in Canada! tell Michelle I said hi. I’m praying for yall’s work up there!

  2. For pictures, I am coughing it up and paying the $4 premium fees per month to do it, I figured for two months it would be worth the convenience . . .

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