Wow, I’m tired, haha. And I’m not even sure why. It just seems like it’s been a crazy few days. Team tensions resurfaced yesterday, and I finally sucked it up and said something. I didn’t want to, but I felt like God was driving me to. You know how Satan’s called a thief in Scripture. Well, if I could physically see Satan tearing my team apart and stealing God’s glory and making us hurt each other and believe lies, would I just stand by? I would hope not…but if I chose to stand silently, I’d be guilty for letting it happen. So yeah, I had a talk with them. I have no clue how it went; it’s really difficult to tell. We said nice things and good things, but you know how nice/good things can easily just be words. So we still need prayer about all that stuff.

Right now, I’m just really yucky feeling. It feels like we’ve been constantly going and doing. Today we didn’t have anything until 7:30, and one of our Chinese friends took us out for lunch. After we got back, we went to work on the encouragement letters we’ve been trying to get out since the first week. We should be finished by tomorrow, except for the people whose addresses we don’t have (*Heather, this is why we need that address asap*). And Michelle showed me some pictures of other teams, and it made me miss my friends from those teams. And it made me wonder if I’ll be able to hang out with those people at debriefing and it be the same friendship it was before we left. Stupid thought, I know.

I’m not really sure how I’m feeling right now. Part of me wants to just sleep, part of me just wants to get away by myself, part of me wants to go visit my friends, part of me wants to go somewhere like Kananaskis for a personal day off, part of me just wants to stay home and at most go to the mall…just a lot of stuff at once.

I’m still wondering if Canada may eventually become my home. For those of you keeping tab of prayer requests:

Our team unity, etc.; the things we’re doing/relationships we’re building with these people

For me: seminary or no (if so where, and what to study)–I think Christy Carley’s gonna talk with me a little about that one, what career/calling to pursue and how to pursue it, if I need to move to Canada. I guess that’s about it.

Stacy, thanks for thinking of me, and the same goes to Kev, Heather, Sarah (Grizzle and Holman) and everybody else who’s been keepin’ in touch.  I’m sorry I don’t have anything more interesting to say right now…I just figured I should update. I will eventually put some fun profile pics on here, if that’s any consolidation…


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  1. Hey girl- I am def praying for you and your team, things are going well here, but I can understand exhaustion! I was awake for like 34 hours the other day!! But it was worth it because I was in Paris :). I can’t wait to swap stories with you, this past week has been so incredible for me, I am really starting to worry that maybe God isn’t calling me to Canada, which is sooo scary. But we’ll see, God works in mysterious ways, eh?

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