So, no guitar showcases today (shush, Ryan…  ). I and my wimpy pianist’s fingers may venture out into “guitar territory” again tomorrow, though.

My mom told me the other day that we’ll probably visit my grandma in Panama City next Tues.-Sat. Grandma doesn’t have a computer, haha, so I will be away for a little while, just to forewarn you. Those of you who have my number may still call or text though, do feel free.

I haven’t been insightful in awhile, and I had a random profound thought as I was pulling into the church parking lot for church tonight, so I thought I’d take advantage of it while it’s there.

This is my thought/quote: “Sometimes the things that scare us the most are the things we need the most.” Hmm. Yeah, it’s a good one to think about and apply, even for me personally, which I’ll explain in a minute.

For some reason, though, when I first thought about that, I thought about mounting the Interstate. It’s funny, when I was first learning to drive, I used to be petrified of mounting the Interstate. My dad was usually the one in the car with me, and he’s a firm believer in acceleration as you get on the Interstate. He says that by the time you’re actually up the ramp, you should be going the speed limit. Meanwhile, I was petrified and was looking for oncoming traffic; I was too busy with that to accelerate, too. In an ironic twist, now, I love mounting the Interstate. Half the time I intentionally wait until the ramp is clear and then I gun it all the way up. Yes, I still check for oncoming traffic, and if there is any (in my lane), I do get a little nervous. But I still love the rush of getting on the Interstate.

It’s been the same way for me with speaking. My first time I ever spoke, my voice was trembling 90% of the time because I was so nervous. Now, though I still have initial nervousness, I’m fairly comfortable talking in front of people.

It’s funny how the things we fear can end up being some of our greatest joys, too. We’re so fearful of taking risks that we may miss out on these things. Of course, not all risks are pleasant risks, though we often need those situations, too. Things like trying times, being vulnerable/honest, being uncomfortable about something, admitting you’re wrong, experiencing some sort of loss, having to wait when you just want to jump into a situation and “fix it”–those things are risks, and they’re hard to get through. But, many times they’re necessary.

Then there are risks that may be temporarily unpleasant, but you just know will pay off, such as “leaps of faith,” love, dreams, reality, our own gifts, God’s plan being played out in our lives… Those are hard to risk, too, but they’re also necessary and just as rewarding as the others.

I actually started making a list of scary things that we may need while I was sitting in the sanctuary before church started. As I was making my list and things were coming to mind, inevitably God brought some of my own stuff to mind. I’d experienced several of the things I’d listed, like leaps of faith and tough times, and loss. But of course, He brought to mind change/new environments (can anybody say Escatawpa?). Waiting on Him (unsettled situations). It’s funny, because MC was a change/new environment and look how by the end of this year, He’d slowly woven me into the tapestry there. It was hard, but He did it. And now, here I am in another relatively new environment, not jiving with the unfamiliarity, not wanting to have to be woven and spun again.

In an earlier entry, I said I knew God had to have me here for a reason, and that I wanted to use my time while I was here. Maybe He unfolded a piece of the picture to me tonight. “Sometimes the things that scare us the most are the things we need the most.” Maybe He’ll use my random Michelle quote to unfold a piece of your picture to you, too. I hope so.


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  1. hey yeah i know you…you are in ST…well my last name is Lynn…hahah everyone thinks it is my middle name and that i have the southern double name!  My whole name is kelly kathryn lynn….have a great summer

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