I was “the Chief” at work for the first time ever tonight. (The Chief is there to answer questions…he/she doesn’t have to make calls, you just have to be there…usually sitting behind a desk is involved.) Hail to me lol. Hopefully the power won’t get to my head.

I would have gotten a lot done sitting behind the desk, but once again, major brain rebellion. Except it’s gotten worse. I now not only can’t make myself study, but also can’t make myself do the work to prepare the study guides to study. My brain is just dry. I don’t want to do poorly, I just at this moment don’t know that I can muster up the discipline and recollection needed to take me through the end.

Still debating going to Birmingham to see Superchic[k] in June. I found out it’s a free concert. But I’d have to have gas/hotel money, and good directions. And, though I’d love to go early and help them set up and everything like I did last time, I don’t want to intrude and assume that’d be ok. As a child, I was bad about wearing out my welcome, so as an adult, I’m extremely careful about that. Any thoughts, anyone? Anyway, that’s all I know. I’m going to try to do something productive now.


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  1. hey can you tell me about this letter i got from kevin, i’m confused.

  2. I would say go for it!

  3. hey girl!  thanks for informing me!  I LOVE that pic haha.  It’s hilarious!

  4. Harrass away, maybe you could become a full-time roadie

  5. Harrass away, maybe you could become a full-time roadie

  6. You are paranoid. Just be yourself. Confidence does alot for fighting away the ever present fear of wearing out one’s welcome.

  7. i don’t want to call myself a co-lin alumni just yet- ha ha ha.. just kiddin’.. i gotta face the truth and be a big girl and move on.. buh- have a great day!

  8. its superchik. lol.  and you can own your own copy of jam for the lamb on dvd (its like professional…well kinda)

  9. Hey michelle, it’s Hope!! Glad I found your xanga!! come check mine out!!

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