I should mention before I forget that my day was officially “made” Monday. I ran into Ashley, the ESL teacher here, and she and I had a quick conversation. She told me that Kimmy talks about me all the time and is always so excited to go hang out with me on Fridays. Awwww…. I was very flattered. It made me think that maybe I’m not doing as poopy of a job as I was thinking.

Well, it’s official. Finals time. It’s official now for me because I have broken out my official “Stress Song” (see Now Playing). For those who are stressed, I recommend looking up the lyrics. (http://www.christianrocklyrics.com/superchick/alright.php) If I’m stressed, this is usually how I feel, haha. So, I thought that before I delved into the mountain of papers, projects, and tests (or before I delve in today, anyway), I’d provide you guys with a little interesting read. And no, it’s not something by me, haha.

The other day in looking up stuff for a paper (it’s about heroism), I needed to find out for sure the year the first Spiderman came out–don’t ask. In my search, I came across this: http://www.hollywoodjesus.com/spiderman.htm

Scroll down to where the actual review starts. It’s…interesting. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I got a chuckle out of it. Some of it makes sense, but when they started all the parallels of Jesus to Superman to Spiderman and Green Goblin to Satan and the Green Goblin is associated with hell fire and all this stuff…I just laughed. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I’m sure whoever wrote this…thing takes it very seriously and wouldn’t appreciate me chuckling at it, but I did. Am I alone here or does somebody else think this is such a stretch that it’s funny? Anyways, you guys have a good day. And remember, “It’ll be ok.”

“It’s not about success life is not a test
You don’t pass or fail you just do your best
To see the view from wings of courage
To push on through when we’re discouraged
It’s all about the try all about the ride
Learning how you were meant to touch the sky
Failures are fliers who touch down
Only they know what it’s like to leave the ground
” -Superchic[k] “Rock Stars”


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  1. Let us holdeth thine hands and lighteth thine candles and singeth thine “Stress song.” Ahh…
    Quote of the day: [In British accent] “Come see the violent inheritin’ the system… Help! Help! I’m bein’ repressed!” [The Search for the Holy Grail]

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