*Currently playing Crying Out by Dave Hunt (not on Amazon) track #10

Signed up for classes today. If all works out as written, I will be taking 19 hours. I must be psycho. Am I scared? Absolutely petrified. Am I going to go through with it? I’m sure as heck gonna try. Plus, if I can make it through next semester, I’d only have to take 12 hours my last semester and the impending Senior Seminar would be my only English class (which Dr. Randle said probably wouldn’t be a bad thing). I’m going to start praying that I can survive now, haha. Anybody taking Intercultural Communication, Writing for Periodicals, Spanish 202, Journalism lab, American Lit 1800-1865, Tolkein, or Shakespeare next semester, haha?


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  1. Hey Michelle! This is Amanda. I was reading your entry about Andy..and..I’ve known him for about 5 years. We go to the same church (southside) and I am sure I can answer all your questions about him. =P I would issue you a warning..you can ask me about it if ya want to know. =P

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