Hey, guys.

Wow, this week just seems like it has been such a struggle to get through. I started out okay, and my high point Tuesday was definitely purchasing the new Superchic[k] album (which is excellent and I highly recommend it). Then Wednesday, I started on my Spanish paper. I stayed in the library 6 hours to write the front and back of a page. When I transferred it to computer, it was short of what I needed by like half a page. I fixed it today and it’s done, but I was rather crazed when I left the library, to say the least. I also got my first parking ticket Wednesday…for parking over the line, whatever that means. In short, this week’s just turned out to be one of those “I really need somebody to love on me” weeks.

Of course, I must comment on the Southern Literary Festival “mixer” Thursday night. The analogy I’ve given everybody is a junior high dance. All the professors were in one corner by the food (of course), and the like 5 students that were there were over in another place, and they weren’t intermingling. (Not much of a “mix” I guess haha.) I was talking with my mom about it. I really think that part of the reason so many people are petrified of the English department is because of scenarios like that. If the professors don’t take a real, human, personal interest in their students, of course they’ll be petrified because there will always be a wall there as long as we reinforce that pattern. In fact, that’s part of the reasons I suggested we go bowling (which I still haven’t heard back from). I think profs and students need to see each other with their guards down and be able to laugh with each other about it. The one time I ate with the department, I noticed it was more the students watching them interact with each other rather than they interacting with us. Anyway, so there’s my theory for the day about the English Department (one of many, haha).

There is something else going on that’s on my brain, but I don’t have the freedom to talk about it on here just in case. I’m going to post it on MySpace. If any of you are curious, let me know and I’ll fwd it.

I do have a confession: I was going to streak my hair blue Monday for the Superchic[k] concert. No lie. But, I just did a test run and it looked pretty stupid. I don’t know if I did it wrong or what, but yeah, not good. Haha, I just can’t pull off looking cool like Elizabeth can.  Oh, well. I guess I’ll just wear some funky earrings or something instead. I would be lying if I said I’m not a little disappointed. I was curious what the reaction would be. If anything in the blue hair department changes this weekend, I’ll let ya know.

Car wash tomorrow morning, possibly more hair tests (lol). Next week shall be crazy. I’ll be gone Monday night for the concert, Tuesday to Baptist Children’s Village for service hours, Wednesday packing, Thursday through Sunday at the coast for my summer missions training at LTC. So, yeah, I might not be able to update again for awhile, but I’ll try to at least post a pic of me and Superchic[k]. Oh, yeah, you know that’s the plan. I’m going several hours early. I would think after 3 years, I deserve to meet these people.

I’ll keep y’all updated as much as I can.


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  1. I totally meant to go to that. Sounds like I didn’t miss much, though. Our department is so screwy like that… it makes me really miss Dr. Price.PLZ your blonde hair means you have tons more freedom with what colors you can put in it! :)And now to myspace I go.

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