I am done with the Odyssey! After a week’s worth of reading and 43 1/2 pages’ worth of handwritten notes, I have read the whole stinkin’ thing! Whoo! Who’s the chick? Who is the chick?! Yeah I am!

Whew! Ok. I’m going to calm myself down; no more jumping around like I won the lottery, and no more slobbering all over myself. (Ok, so I wasn’t slobbering on myself…at least let me make a joke ) Besides that, I still need to at least look up sources for my Spanish paper and my Professional Writing Project.

Do any of you seasoned MC folk know what the dealio is with the Honors Convocation? Apparently, I’m supposed to go to it (I think). Any info?

Sorry to not offer any insightful tidbits of wisdom today. I was just so excited to get done I had to let it out somewhere.

Oh wait! I do have an interesting observation! My dad’s wanting to “cut back” and lose weight. So he eats cottage cheese with fruit…and mayo. He says it’s just a little mayo. I told him that kinda defeats the whole purpose, ya know? He replied that he couldn’t stand cottage cheese without mayo. Even funnier is that we got Chinese takeout last night (I definitely hit the sushi bar). I was proud, I got sushi and a little stir-fry and some fruit. Mom got riblets and salad and some other stuff. (Yeah, this isn’t a strictly Chinese place…) My poor dad, haha. He loads his takeout tray up with fried food. Goes so far as to tell me a trick he’d figured out that could help fit more in the box. He could barely close his tray. It was all I could to not to burst out laughing then and there. When we were talking about the cottage cheese earlier this week, I told him, “You could just exercise…” to which he said, “When?” Losing weight via cottage cheese w/mayo and a buttload of fried food. Ah, the hilarious ironies of life.

“Here’s the the ones who don’t give up. This is your anthem get your hands up.” -Superchic[k] (from their new album, “Beauty from Pain,” which I will be excited to purchase this Tuesday.)


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