So…not too much going on over Spring Break. I’ve been engrossed in The Odyssey. Buh. I had to get 16 books read in preparation for being gone most of the week of the 4th. Now, looking at the number of pages I have left to read, I realize I’ve read most of the book, so I might just try to go ahead and finish it while I’m off, if I’ve got time. It’s odd…earlier this week I was wanting to escape schoolwork, and now that I’ve gotten enough done that I’m ready to do it, I don’t have time to.

Haha, I’ve been so fickle about my reading. I was meaning to start on my Spanish paper and Professional Writing final project–and I might still–but all I’ve been doing is Odyssey. I’d tell myself, “Ok, I need to read 4 books a day.” And if I was at like my 3rd book for the day, I’d be dragging through it, grumbling to myself all the way. But if by chance I got ahead on my reading and was doing extra (if the necessity was taken out of it), I’d be like, “This isn’t so bad…” I suppose I’m an English hypocrite lol.

Something funny did happen to me Sunday night…I wore heels to church that night (probably mistake #1) and when I went to a gas station to get a candy bar, my heel got caught in their mat as I was leaving (it’s one of those rubber ones with holes). Yeah, I almost fell on my face. For a few minutes I seriously thought I had pulled my leg out of joint or something. You guys would’ve laughed. I hobbled to my car, trying to be cool about it.

My family and I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls last night. It was interesting, but I don’t think I was interested in the typical tourist-y stuff, either. I didn’t listen to much of the “tourguide” thing they gave us. I just wanted to write God’s name, haha. I suppose part of my enthusiasm was fueled by learning about Elohim and Yahweh in Mythology and the different aspects of God as portrayed by each in the Genesis Creation story. I went to the Psalm scroll, and a guy was showing us where God’s name (Yahweh) is written in a different type of Hebrew than the rest of the Psalm. Yahweh, as it was written on the Psalm scroll, was written in old-school Hebrew. Like Genesis Hebrew, whereas the rest was a little more modern. It looked more boldfaced, too. I was fascinated by it, though. To me, it implied that the person copying the scroll wanted to make sure the reader knew Who the Psalm was talking about. It’s like blah blah blah Yahweh blah blah blah. I was wanting to write Yahweh in that old-school Hebrew, and one of the workers (he looked like 40) got a pack of Dentyne and turned it inside out and wrote the modern writing for me. I explained I was trying to write the old-school version, so he showed me where it was on a poster beside the scroll. I copied it. Then he showed me Elohim on another scroll, so I attempted to copy that one too (in my white-girl Hebrew). He said one of them had Jehovah, but he didn’t know which one, so that didn’t help. I really don’t know why dude was helping me so much. He saw my pathetic imitation-Hebrew and said it was good, that I should take a Hebrew class (to which I thought HAHA…no). Maybe he admired that I was really interested in it. I got a couple necklaces at the exhibit: a Byzantine cross and the Hebrew word for life. The names of God are probably as in-depth as I’d want to go with Hebrew (though I can always appreciate somebody telling me what an original word in the Bible means). I’ve been looking online for someplace where I could cut-n-paste letters from the Hebrew alphabet to make the Yahweh and Elohim I wrote. I thought it’d be a cool thing to maybe print off and frame or something. No luck yet, though. All the alphabet I’ve found is grouped as one whole picture. If anybody has suggestions, please offer feedback.

And yes, I did speak tonight. It seemed to go well overall; several people said they enjoyed it, but I don’t really take those compliments to heart too much. One man said it was exactly what he needed to hear, though. To me, that’s the best compliment anybody could give me after I speak–to say that God used me to talk to them. It just serves as further affirmation that God had me speaking at that place at that time for a purpose. And thanks to all you who were praying for me!

I was going to do something special for you guys and make my devotion available as an Adobe file, so I did a trial subscription so it would let me transfer the document…well, then once it transferred, it said I only had 72 hours to pick it up. I’m not sure what that means, so this is what I’m going to do. Here’s the link to the PDF version of my devotion:


If after 72 hours or whatever this doesn’t work and you’d like a copy of my devotion, post a request as a comment or e-mail me about it (there should be a link).

One last thing. Learned something interesting in Daniel last night. Daniel 6:23- “The king was overjoyed and ordered that Daniel be lifted from the den. Not a scratch was found on him because he had trusted in his God.” It doesn’t say Daniel escaped harm because God closed the lion’s mouths. Which implies that Daniel could have been mauled anyway even if the lions had closed mouths, if he hadn’t trusted in God. But, because Daniel trusted in God, he was safe. His faith–his trust–was what made the difference, not God’s action. It’s almost like God’s ability to do what he wanted (save Daniel) hinged on Daniel’s faith. Anyway, I just thought it was pretty cool that Daniel’s trust in God was what saved him from harm (versus the lions not being able to open their mouths).

All you MC-ers, have a beautimous remainder of your Spring Break, and to everybody else…the weekend will be here soon.


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