Michelle sits in a chair in her Professional Writing class (above is a beautiful photo of our Professional Writing textbook)… Sorry, I’ve always been told never to do a chair-sitter lead, but here it’s actually appropriate, because that is really what I’m doing. I’m not even listening to music. I’m in my Professional Writing class. Why am I not working? Well, because our group has pretty much done everything we could do for the night (for our group project due in like a month!). Actually, we’re pretty much done with the whole project. So, I’m sitting here. For another hour.

Our teacher bought us dinner, so I just got done unashamedly stuffing my face and I probably have pizza all up in my teeth, but it’s ok.

This is so crazy! I mean, this is a 400-level class…I ran into an older lady the other day who was in my American Lit class with me. She listed several 400 and 500 level classes she’s in, and she said they’re easier for her than the 300s. I thought it sounded wacko (though it gave me hope for my impending upper-level classes at MC), but I’m starting to wonder. I really like my professor; she’s a fun teacher. But, I gotta admit, this is not what I was expecting upper-level to be. It’s a little relieving, though, having the hope that maybe my other classes won’t squash me. Maybe it’s just upper level with this particular professor.

Course, our final projects in here might kick my butt….

So, since I’m writing such a random goober entry, might as well ask a random goober question.

What color best fits your personality? (Not what color you’d like to best fit your personality..) I think mine would be blue. (And yeah, my favorite colors are blue and silver, but I think that’s strictly a fluke.)


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